So who remembers this?

I remember watching and telling myself I didn’t just see what I think I did.

And after the surprise/shock, I remember thinking … now THERE’S a coach with a little fight in 'em. :lol:

Wow, has it really been that long? I remember it well . I also remember the John Belushi as Woody Hayes bit that followed the incident. I wish I could find a clip of that.

I remember this quite well, and also remember that Keith Jackson refused to acknowledge Woody’s attack.

Yes, I was watching that game and couldn’t believe it.

It’s sad that a great coach like WH would go out like that. Never been a Buckeyes’ fan but always respected him until then.

Woody Hayes and Bo. Two of the reasons I grew up hating the Big Ten. Throw in Joe Pa, and that pretty much was the trifecta of coaches I could not stand, back in the day.

Keith Jackson was a great play by play guy. Loved him working with Frank but he blew that play. I was watching and how you could not comment on it is beyond my comprehension. Ole Woody was a character.

I remember the play, but I didn’t watch the game. I was busy getting married that day! :wink:

Some time in an earlier telecast (and I cannot remember exactly how much earlier) right after a game that Ohio State had lost, ole Woody gave someone (I think a reporter) following closely behind him a tremendous shot with his elbow as he was leaving the field. Yep, ole Woody and Bobby Knight were certainly two good role models for children.

I was watching with my dad. When that happened I knew they had to fire him. My dad said " yes and their gonna try for Holtz "