So who is the best coach in the SEC

Muss is the last one standing!

Can you imagine what Muss could do with Jabari Smith, Kessler and some of those Kentucky dudes?

You want to win, get better, get ready for the NBA and learn how to play elite D…come to Arkansas!


Outstanding points, in time these kids will take notice


We are about to find out

#2 recruiting class coming in next year


The defense and offense will improve in time.
One thing for sure it hasn’t taken CEM long to compete in the SEC and the dance!
Coaching! Being able to blend players together into a team. Man he has the ability to get young men ready to play.
We are once again in the sweet 16.
It for sure the hogs are playing on house money with nothing to loose! Go out and leave it on the floor. This season it appears the dance is wide open. It’s only fitting next weekend our hogs would have to beat the Zags and then possibly Duke and coach K in his last dance to make the final 4.
Thursday is the first step! Let’s hope our hogs get plenty of rest and play well on offense and defense.


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