So, who is our PG at crunch time?

Against UNCG, at crunch time it appeared Nick controlled the ball and for all intent and purposes, he was the PG on the floor. Black was basically left to spot himself on the wing for an open shot or a pass if Nick failed to create a shot.

Something to watch as season develops.

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I think that will change from game to game.

I think more often than not it will be Nick because he is the team’s biggest offensive threat. But if someone the staff considers a weaker defender is checking AB or Ricky, I think it could go to those guys, too. It’s about matchups.

I’m comfortable with either, just not Devo.


Yeah, that makes sense. However over time I kind of see Nick handling the ball more than Black over the whole game. From watching him in high school, Nick likes to have the ball in his hands. I kind of sense situation they had with Lakers, where Derek Fisher brought the ball up, passed it to Kobe and let Kobe go to work. Many of Derek’s wide open threes were a result of that. And AB is a pretty good open three point shooter.

Again, I am talking about playing the point in half court setting.

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Agree with you.

I see them as a two headed monster like Tatum and Brown for the Celtics.

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Agree @jeremy. Love me some Devo but his ball handling scares me.

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He is much better finishing the break than starting it, Danny.

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And every shot was short last night. I thought him seeing fts going in would help, I was wrong.

Ball handling and 3pt shooting are concerns. He is generally decent when playing defense and mid-range shooting. If he gets inside ten feet, he can usually score or get fouled. When he gets in traffic it frequently ends poorly for us.

His shooting scares me.

I’d guess one thing is a certainty. I expect to see Nick playing the Mason Jones role when it’s inside of 5 minutes and the Hogs have a 4-6 point lead in a big SEC game. Muss loves to work the clock in those situations and Nick fits that role to a T. Mason was one of the best I’ve seen, and Nick will also be perfect for that role. Just spread the floor and each player be ready for a pass or rebound.


I think Nick is going to play Mason Jones role the entire game.

I sure hope he doesn’t play what I call “Mason Jones role” all game. I’m talking about only the last 4-5 minutes of a big game with a 3-5 point lead. Muss would have him hold the ball in the corner of the front court for 20 seconds of the shot clock, then do his thing. Drive and finish or get fouled, shoot a 3, or make a great pass when double teamed.

If Nick does that the entire game, 40 points will win (or lose) about every game. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Options! Black or Smith.

I think with the loss of Brazile, it is even more important that AB run the point. That is going to be a big change for Nick from what he did in high school. Let’s see how it plays out.

Devo is much more than a “decent” defensive player. He played the last 10 minutes or so of Tuesday’s game with 4 fouls and was still terrific on the defensive end of the floor. He’s also a tenacious rebounder. That’s why he’s getting lots of minutes. He’s shot poorly this year, mostly because he takes some bad shots. He also dribbles into trouble more than he should. But he’s a stopper on the other end. Like I said, more than just “decent.”

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Devo also usually matches up well with some of the smaller/quicker players that give our taller guys some trouble. He’ll be getting plenty of minutes.

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