So which would you rather have?

An SEC tournament title, or Sweet 16? (Yes I know we’d all prefer both, but this is a one or the other choice).

For me it’s easy. Sweet 16. For one thing we’ve had an SECT title since our last Sweet 16. As the SEC commercials say, it just means more. The Dance is what it’s all about.

Sweet Sixteen for sure

Sweet 16 and it’s not even close.

Sweet 16. The SEC tournament is an exercise in money raising for the SEC.

I agree sweet 16.

No brainer - Sweet 16.

Sweet 16! Cancel the Kentucky conference challenge! Especially this year with Greaseball Cal and his Kittens packed and headed home to Lexington! I will remember this day for a long time. I sure haven’t seen the blow hard speak in an interview since his loss! I guess he lost his voice!

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