So where does the plane go first? Second?

For an in person interview(s) where an official offer soon follows?

Blacksburg? Iowa City?

For arguments sake let’s say it’s the actual town where a coach lives although we all know it can be a different location.

Boca Raton

No telling, I can tell you that a lot of people believed a plane landed in Reno to communicate with Muss, but that plane was headed to California for a AD meeting and Muss happened to be in California at the time of the “Reno” meeting. That’s actually where him and HY met originally.

Just because a plane goes to Iowa City, doesn’t mean Campbell is the target. HY likes to use the media (both social and actual) to distract from his real objective, and he’s pretty good at it.

That would be a heck of a deception going to Iowa City to meet the Iowa St. coach.

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Yep, you’re correct. Same with going to Wichita to meet with Little Pitino :wink:

Wonder if Yurachek talked/interviewed with anyone while in Atlanta?

There is a rumor, but I’ve found no one to confirm

If anything, I would hope any discussions were with agents to talk the framework of an offer. Hope any coach with a team playing this coming weekend wouldn’t be taking part in an interview.

do share!

If you’re asking for a name. No idea. There was a conversation on Twitter yesterday saying HY was meeting someone in regards to the coaching search.

I haven’t seen anyone that would know, confirm or deny that it happened

Why would it go to Iowa City? If it is to be a secret, I doubt it would go to Ames either. There is one lone runway right next to a major highway going to ISU campus (ISU is at Kansas Sat.). Perhaps, it might go to Des Moines, but would be noticed there as well. It is a 3 or so hr. drive from MSP or OMA. Don’t know how they would do it for an interview that is kept quite. (I spend far too much time at those two airports and make those drives).

Anyway, I don’t think anyone at ISU wants to hear from HY. Perhaps (and that would be great), but I see no reason at all to make that move.