So when...

We lose tonight and give up a bunch of points are we gonna refocus on defense again.
Maybe it’s we don’t have enough talent and that’s a result of poor recruiting. Or maybe just a very poor job of coaching by Mike.

Guess not since we won…

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Don’t count your chickens before-

Posts you make in the first 15 minutes of a two-hour basketball game are a good way to look really silly. Not to mention a three-hour-plus football game.

Wait a minute it appears per your post, you wanted the hawgs to lose so you can post your wishful thoughts,

I love these kind of posts.

Dang it!

We always need to focus on defense, even after a win.

OP didn’t even show back up to eat his crow, but had we lost, you can be assured his keyboard would be on fire right now telling us everything that’s wrong with this team and CMA.

I can respect guys that get caught up and say some things during a bad stretch of basketball, as long as they show back up and admit they were wrong, I think most people are guilty of venting too early sometimes. I just don’t have any respect for those guys that are actively rooting for us to lose and talk trash all game, then when we win and everything that said was wrong they disappear.


I was expecting a bad outcome after our Hogs looked dazed and confused
after the first 25% of this game. Growth is happening, I just hope it continues
and we finish strong with a winning record and some momentum.

No keep it…to yourself

I thought the defense looked refocused last night - 24 forced turnovers, 13 steals, 27 points off turnovers and 18 points in transition. That is how this team is probably going to have to win most games.

I think you missed my sarcasm. Or haven’t read my other posts.
I’m not a Mike Hater and sure don’t keep anything to myself if I think it needs said.

Very true, they don’t have the offensive consistency to just show up… the defense will be the key.

That is a lesson I learned the hard way years ago (but admit I have had to relearn it a time or too).

I was very frustrated with our play in the first few minutes but there was NO WAY IN HECK I was posting anything!!! :slight_smile:

Good win. Needed win.

Can we talk about the state of the program at the END of the season please??? PLEASE?