So when will we know

Mike’s fate? I’m pretty certain that he will be coming back which is probably a good thing, but we all would like to know regardless of the side we are on!

We probably would’ve already known.

Dudley said in another thread that he suspects Hunter will support Mike and staff and they will be out on the road recruiting in the next two weeks. Still may see someone added and subtracted on staff.

Others are saying the same. Mike will not be let go of. Doubt we hear anything at all. Business as usual.

If you’re not making a change, no reason to make any announcement, other than to feed the trolls. I agree with Chris. Business as usual.

I agree…if they were making a change it would been announced by now. Mike and his staff will be back. And that’s as it should be.

Now…if we have a bad year again next year…a change might happen.

Why can’t we drop this for a while! I’m not no hurry to go back to the Stan Heath and
John Pitiful days!

Could be waiting on all coaches to finish their seasons before making an announcement.

Let me help you out so you will know what side you are on, Mike will be back to coach next season. You haven’t heard anything because there is no news here…

That could be a very true statement. What I’m hearing is the HY and CMA have not had their EOS meeting yet. I’m guessing it’ll happen this week. I also don’t expect to know about the transfers until after that occurs. Mike still has to have his end of season meetings with the team.

Now, I’m not saying Mike will be or will not be fired, but I don’t think anything will happen until after that meeting. I’m guessing that meeting will probably be today or tomorrow. Dudley/RD/Insiders is that a fair assumption?

Is it possible that HY is waiting because a coach he would like to replace CMA with is still in the tournament and wouldn’t fire CMA without knowing his replacement was in hand?

Yes, that’s a possibility, but if you’re hinting at one of two people that’s been rumored it’ll be a mistake by HY, either way

It is risky for an AD, especially a new AD, to make changes because if the change doesn’t go well it can come back to bite him. As long as there is plenty of support for the current coach, it is safer to not make changes

I couldn’t hint at anyone. I’m not privy to HY’s short list, if he even has one.

I don’t think anyone is, I’m referring to the names that certain media people and fans are saying (like the current HC’s at VT and Houston)

I think we will know soon one way or another

I just don’t see a change coming with MA this year. Maybe some changes with some assistants but that would be it.

Plus, with the Aggies, Bama, Vandy and quite possibly LSU all looking for head coaches after this season I would almost rather wait and not get in a money battle with 3 of these schools. Not concerned we couldn’t compete, just hate to see us potentially over pay and money whip someone to come. We would more than likely be the lone wolf in the SEC looking for a new coach (if we made a change) after the following season. We have a LOT to offer at Arkansas so it would be an attractive place to coach I think.


Let me help you out so you will know what side you are on, Mike will be back to coach next season. You haven’t heard anything because there is no news here…

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Today around 3:00.