So when will hear the Gooden story

Kid wanted to come here, Sosa is his buddy. Defensive tackle is ALWAYS a position of need. We back off, signs w Tennessee. Can we hear the story now?

no comment from an insider? hmmmmm

If you’ve read closely it appears that he is not guaranteed to make it academically. Now, does he have an opportunity to make that happen still - I would think so.

Might be about the risk in that happening.

Jeremy Pruitt says he has work to do in his press conference.

The new staff was never really that interested. Yes, he has work to do but even if he didn’t I’m not sure the staff would’ve gone after him.

It appeared he was Plan B for this staff. Tough to decide on JC players.

I have told it a couple of times this week, but will gladly do so again.

Emmit wanted to come to come to Arkansas in the worst way.

In late October or early November - after his official visit - he too a call from the Arkansas staff saying they would no longer have a scholarship for him because he would not be able to be academically qualified by Jan.

They called him back 30 minutes later saying they had changed their mind on that and that he still had one.

When the new staff came in, they were cool toward him, showed some interest, but in the end decided not to offer him.

When there’s an issue especially in a position of need it’s not a risk worth taking.
I have to agree with the staff. I think they made a good decision.