So when exactly

Are we going to hire a defensive coordinator and the rest of the defensive coaches. When is the recruiting dead period over. I hear its Chavis from what everyone says. Seems to me this guy is more concerned about money than coaching. Didn’t he sue LSU or something like that. Do we have to wait until a and m actually hires another defensive coordinator before he is let go? His contract w them runs through December of 2018 I’m told. We waited on the gus bus to string us along and it cost us in early recruiting period. Now we are waiting on some fine print contract clauses before we can formally hire this guy? Also saw a tweet from Bijon Jackson saying we had no one in the strength dept , not any coaches to help our seniors with pro day testing. And supposedly Randy Ramsey tweeted about not receiving scholarship money. Something like the scholorships had not been submitted. I have no clue if true but I saw the tweets elsewhere. but these things puzzle me from a coach supposedly ready to move to the big time. I guess I just wonder what the heck is going on up there. Are our coaches still in Texas on vacation or back on the hill working? I’m excited by the hire but doesn’t this seem to be a long time to hire a staff and then formerly announce it?

Swine is gonna just bury you for axing these questions. Don’t you have a brain cell in yo head that ain’t fried? Oh man, let’s sit back and watch the fireworks.

Odds are it will be by the end of week with one or some assistants starting on Thursday.

Lawyers - both at Arkansas and Texas A&M - handle situations via legal timing, not football timing.

Dead period started Dec. 18 and lasts through next Thursday - Jan. 11.

Getting on the new coaches for the scholarship and pro day complaints is misguided.

My guess is - like it has been since I was in the athletic department in the early 1980s - that checks are cut on Jan. 2.

That’s an admin thing and there are still the same people in accounting. Coaches only get involved when something goes wrong.

Pro Day is usually in March - plenty of time to get ready. I am sure everything - as usual - will get back to normal this week.

The players’ worries are a product of having new people on campus, not some new rules and regulations.

What the heck is going on is called transition when a coaching staff and AD are let go and new people are brought in.

Coaches are in Fayetteville.

Spring semester doesn’t start until January 16, although there are some 10 day classes that run from 2nd-12th. Im sure everyone will be in place by then and probably well before then. I suspect most of this is a done deal everywhere but on paper.

There aren’t any fireworks, but you also need to not go directly to the point that it’s the adults - coaches are admin - that are in the wrong.

Fans wanted coaches and AD gone. Issues arrive when it happens.

By the way, there are hardly any players in Fayetteville.

No reason to be until the Jan. 12-14 weekend when recruits come in and school starts a few days later

So I guess legalities are just mainly at Arkansas. I notice most of the schools that changed coaches Only Because The Fans Clamored For It have mostly filled and announced their staffs. I guess we are unique and different. Blame it on the fans, gosh that tactic gets old. And if no one is up there then why the tweets form former and current players? Just curious. I guess Jackson is misguided like I apparently am. Look I like Morris and glad he’s coach and not Malzahn. But I guess I’m misguided in thinking having some defensive coaches might help. How stupid of me. Guess we haven’t had a defense in so long that it I started doesn’t matter. That having a strength and conditioning staff ready to hit the road running when school starts back. That having coaches announced and their positions announced might actually help recruiting. School started back for Little Rock schools this week. I know it’s a dead period but what about the entire staff visiting EVERY high school in Arkansas. I just think it’s taking a very long time for a ready for prime time coach to do this. Especially the way we got rocked in recruiting in the early period. Yes to be expected but we certainly didn’t do ourselves any favors with a half full staff. Gosh is so nice to ask a question on this board and get slammed. That and all the pop ups make one want to quit ordering the paper each morning. Over and out

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Your angst, that is.

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Mid January will arrive soon enough for the lads on campus and as the new coach said at this intro meeting it will be full tilt boogie then. Coaches\Lawyers have ten days to get it (contracts ,etc) done and it will be be so as the deadline is your friend in this case. By the end of January , I suspect the tone and focus will be fully on getting on with the football tasks at hand.

The coaches couldn’t visit the schools, so no need to be worried about that. He’ll hire the coaches when he’s ready, this isn’t the first staff he’s put together, so let him do it as he’s planned.

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Sounds like Chavis will be announced tomorrow and he’ll have a PC on Thursday. Like Dudley I expect some assistants to be announced on Thursday ir so.

Hope so.

It isn’t any fun to be patient. No one likes waiting. It was always going to be after the first of year for the DC. And he was going to help with the defensive hires, as he should.

The “Chief” is nearly here! Good stuff and better days for the football program are coming soon!

He’s here. He’s in Fayetteville as we post.

Not sure that’s the case. Heard he’s coming Thursday.

I am excited that this didn’t fall through. This is going to help with recruiting. Chavis is highly respected by HS coaches and is going to open lots of doors in Louisiana that we lost when Michael Smith was let go.