So whats the word on Heston?

Does he still get to play on Saturday? Is there an automatic
suspension… if so that’s baloney as that was a horrid call.

Curious for info here.

(Edited for language) <— That’s bullshiff! Nothing was wrong!

He’s suspended for tomorrow’s game.

wow, that might be the stupidest rule in college baseball.

I so gotta call bullschiff on that one. No way should he be suspended.


Arguing balls and strikes is a major no-no. Not saying he didn’t have a right to be upset, but best to let DVH handle it.


Your going to give Swine a stroke!

Heston put up with a lot of horrible calls from the idiot behind the plate! If he wouldn’t have turned around to complain the second time he wouldn’t have been tossed.
That was the worse home plate umpire I’ve seen in a long time.

Maybe a day off will be good for him.

Amazing how many borderline strike-threes that guy called for a team that walked SIXTEEN people tonight. If that clown had had a reasonable strike zone they might have walked 25.

umpires calling ball an strikes miss at least 30 to 40 % of the calls just get up in the stands directly behind home plate and watch 2 or 3 games and you will see

It’s automatic one game suspension if you are ejected for arguing with the umpire. That was the ruling before the game was even done.

The umpire missed the call, but he was missing other calls, too. I think Heston probably went over the line a bit. I think most umpires would have ejected him if they saw what he did. But the real way to do that, probably, is to just look away if you are the ump.

Heston is generally pretty mild mannered. He’s got a good eye at the plate, too. If it’s off the plate or low, he’s going to take. This pitch looked to be low and outside, so I thought it was a good take.

Real good take! The umpire took the bat out of his hands.

The way he called it reminded me of Leslie Nielsen in The Naked Gun…


Let me think about it…

I guess I’ll say STRIKE…

Good analogy. If ole Leslie was still alive I’m certain that even he could have seen it was WAY off the plate (and low).

DVH said Heston was a very calm guy so he must have felt strongly about the call.

As noted by many turning back after heading to the dugout was the final straw.

I laughed when the Miss State dude argued a strike and our fans were all over the ump. Our fans are terrific!

I sit directly behind home plate. That was definitely ball on the outside. It was definitely a bad call. Sometimes something just gets on your last nerve and you can’t help yourself. I’ve been there. I’ve seen some bizarre baseball games over the years. That was one of the most bizarre. What get me is that the umpire was so full of himself, must have known he made a bad call and yet he tossed Heston.

We didn’t need him today, got some other players in the field, and he got a baseball education that will help in the future… all good.

It was a bad call, but you can’t say that word and expect to stay around.

It was announced on radio Saturday that call was measured 10” off the plate! In other words no wonder Heston was upset! That guy has no business being an umpire in SEC! Hope we don’t see him again this season!

It was so far off the plate that, when watching the replay, you could see Heston peering toward DVH immediately to get his signals for the next pitch. He knew it was a ball. A second or two later (or so it seemed), the home plate umpire FINALLY made the call, and when he heard “strike”, it obviously stunned Heston - not to mention “disappointed” him.

It was a bad call by the umpire. Everybody knows that by now (probably even him!). But having said that, I cannot disagree with the call to throw Heston out of the game. I know it seems unfair, as the reason he was arguing was that bad call (and it was a bad call). But players CAN NOT argue with ball and strike calls. There is a protocol in place for discreetly letting the ump know if you disagree, and all players and umpires know that protocol. Barking at the ump - and then turning around and doing it again (and maybe saying some words you just can’t say) will get you tossed every time.

I didn’t like it, but I understand it. And, hopefully, Heston learned something by watching the game from the dugout Saturday.

Except that he couldn’t be in the dugout. Once ejected he had to leave the dugout, locker room, etc. before the suspension game.