So what's the scoop

On Edwards. Heck we even hinted at going to a 3/4 defense by coach b. Now he’s trying to decide. I agree w one poster that said he sure hoped it wasn’t the ole miss last minute offer. Who else is in the mix? We did very well today offensively. Great job by the offensive staff. But we need the help more desperately on the defensive side of the ball. We don’t seem to be knocking it out of the park on that side of the ball. Just curious as the real goings on with this kid. Hope he comes to his senses.

Arkansas, Colorado and UNLV. Not sure if the Ole Miss has an impact or not.

His coach said about earlier that Javier was still trying to decide on a school.

Colorado just lost Leavitt as its DC to Oregon…

Turns out that we were just out recruited. … h=football