So, what's the latest on Nick?

Is he expected to play in Hawaii? Is it still day to day? If he’s not practicing this week, does it mean he’ll definitely not play next week? Anything?

I was hoping he would get a few minutes in the NDS game in prep for Hawaii.

Day to day until muss says otherwise. When he does I’m confident it will be posted immediately.

The next milestone to note would be Nick practicing. That has to happen next.

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He had not practiced prior to the South Dakota State game, but he has gone through workouts of sorts at least ahead of the last two games. I don’t know the extent of them or how strenuous. Heard it second hand, but it’s certainly better than nothing.

If you look in the background, the Elite Eight banners are there and Pinion is wearing Arkansas’ red uniform, so looks like this pic was taken ahead of the Fordham game. This tweet, by the way, was posted last Saturday.


Thanks Scottie! Nice to know there is at least a glimmer of hope for Maui.

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3 games in 3 day’s in a high school gym…their probably going to avoid putting him in until he is 100% (not 75/80)

One is against Louisville; perhaps more lame than Nick.

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