So whats next?

RD now with KB to Florida, what do you think happens next? Go after some GT’s like Scanlon, Fitzpatrick-Dorsey, DJ Williams or a reg transfer like Donnie Tilmon? I can’t see him leaving a spot open but I can’t see him bringing in a non-GT or a transfer who wouldnt really help in the future either.

Of course I’m guessing this could be a “Fluid” situation :lol:

GT Big

I think they will continue to explore other options. It might be a name above or a name that’s not been mentioned yet. Muss’ overseas connections can never be ignored.

They obviously would like to add one more, but the possibility of saving the spot for later is also a possibility.

Sounds good my dude. Appreciate you always responding to my Qs RD always on top of things.

I wouldn’t mind seeing him do a little fishing across the pond for a lunker.

If Arkansas can’t attract a impact player or decent enough grad transfer I’d rather they save that scholarship for 2020.