So, what will it take for CBB to pull the program out of this nosedive and survive..............

…to coach next year? The disappointing downturn to last season is continuing (despite lots of hard work and determined talk in the off season) and seems to be getting worse. This is a serious question not a “set” for lots of foaming at the mouth negative “spikes.”

  1. Upset Gus and Auburn in two weeks and finish the year strong? That would probably work.

  2. Find a way to beat Coastal, Ole Miss, MissState, & Mizzou and barely make it to Shreveport for a bowl? That means, if we lose to Auburn, we have to win 4 out of 5 to end the season. Maybe.

  3. If we leave Ole Miss with a 2-6 record and no chance for a bowl unless we go undefeated for the balance of the season, I think CBB is a definite lame duck and we get him to accept a renegotiated buyout that will allow us to rapidly find his replacement.

  4. A monumental upset of Bama at their homecoming would also work and would be a very nice way to do it.


It starts with getting things settled on the offensive line. I have seen offensive lines come together as the season progresses, but not generally. What you see is usually what you get. It sure seemed like a good run against TCU or South Carolina was 2 yards. Not much running room. For the second halves of too many games (Missouri, Virginia Tech, TCU, South Carolina) there just has been no running game.

I just want to see continuous improvement and look like a well coached mistake free team.

At this point, 6-6 looks to be a good turnaround after a bad start and at least continues the bowl streak and allows the much needed bowl practices. I believe in good losses and just being competitive and showing some fight against Alabama and Auburn would be a step in the right direction.

In my opinion, if he can find a way to 6-6 and bowl (especially if they win the bowl) he is safe,

If we end up 5-7, then “style points” will matter. How did we look against the teams that beat us? Totally uncompetive like we were against SC? Or more like the A&M game? It could go either way at 5-7 but I think he stays.

4-8 or worse? I can’t see him staying.

In no event do I see him being fired during the season. If things are headed towards 4-8 you could see an announcement that he is done at the end of the season, but not an immediate discharge.

I’ll say again…my feelings are that the offensive line is the one spot, in this offense, that can make it or break it. The OL has got to get better, otherwise nothing changes. I honestly don’t see how Anderson survives on this coaching staff after this year.

I am about 99% sure that is a given. Anderson won’t be here next year, whether under BB or anyone else.

Assuming they aren’t playing Wallace for good reasons, what can they do? Can they really move Ragnow to left tackle in the middle of the season? Is Rodgers at center a better option than Jackson at left tackle? I assume that Ramirez is a better right tackle than Wallace, Merrick, Wagner, Raulerson, etc. so how will playing a weaker right tackle help? They are getting physically whipped and out-quicked. No one, unless recovering from an injury, suddenly gets more athletic overnight. We thought a year of seasoning and experience would improve the O-line. There is no sign of that. It will take better recruits to fix this mess and that will take time this staff may not have to accomplish.

At this point, 6-6 may not be good enough, nor 7-5. It may not be a matter of him being fired in those scenarios, but CBB seeing the writing on the wall and leaving on his own a year before the sharks get him. I’ve been and remain a CBB, mainly because he’s still the coach of the Razorbacks. I’d love to see them pull off the “impossible” by beating Alabama in the lions’ den. Highly unlikely, but as the perfect storm has brewed against this team, maybe they’ll catch lightning in a bottle and stun the No. 1 team in the country. I’m not predicting it, but I’m also not so upset with CBB that I want the Hogs to tank the remainder of the season in order to fulfill the desire for blood.

On the run game…many times you see AA pause for a second or two and the back pause as well and then hand him the ball…almost like you would for a draw play…I assume that is to give another second or 2 for the blocking to develop but it just seems to give the DL a chance to push the OL 2 yards back into the backfield

Currently, I don’t see us beating Ole Miss (away) or Miss State (Fitzgerald). CC should be a gimme. Mizzou seems like it has moved more towards a toss up as they seem to be playing better lately. Will that be the finale game for Odom?

We call that here at my home the slow developing running play. i am not well versed on offensive line play, but it appears to my eyes they are waiting on lineman to pull or trap. Very few quick hitters or straight blasts into the line. Slow developing play for sure, and for our line, by the time the pullers have made their move someone else has blown up the play because we cannot sustain a block. See it a lot in the NFL. Hasn’t worked here much yet.

And speaking of that, if you can’t run, the play action is useless on a pass.
No respect for the running game so the linemen and blitzers just tee off on the offensive linemen then the qb.

There are things that the coaches can do. Put the QB in the shotgun more, and quit play action faking a run on a passing play when the QB is under center. In order to save the QB I would think they would put three and four wideouts, or split the tight ends and throw short quick passes to eliminate the sack. Spread the field a bit. These long slow developing pass plays, long double move routes, well if your offensive line cannot sustain blocks by the time the receiver has made his moves the QB is under extreme duress and running for his life, or has been sacked.

Enos has some blame in this. His play calling in the second half has been atrocious. Look at the stats. Pretty obvious. And i haven’t seen our hurry up yet this year. Why not throw something different at the defense from time to time. i know we want to eat clock, but don’t we want to win also?

I would like for us to b e competitive vs bama at least a half and beat auburn and win out the rest of the way… But at the rate this team is going, I’m sure I will be turning the Tv by 2nd quarter because we could easily get embarrassed…

All I’m seeing here in the replies are sad sad offerings of hope. Don’t just look at this season but look at all the seasons CBB has been here.
It should be apparent to all that CBB cannot figure out whats wrong, other than he tried to bring smash mouth football to the SEC with his run run run mentality. Coach BB wants to play a slow ball control game and in the SEC it’s high octane , we’re gonna run your slow butts into the ground and leave you in the dust. Time for Coach BB to pack his bags.

Hope springs eternal.

Guys, just face it… Its nothing that can be done. This just isn’t a very good football team. He refuses to play anybody that resembles a game breaker and just seems like he is just too stubborn to change. I like CBB, but it just didn’t work out here. He’ll get a good job back in the Big 10 and probably do well, but he just isn’t a good fit here.

An unpresidented case of food poisoning from the Bama team meal Friday night.

I want to say that all my negative posts are not directed toward the players. The coaching staff is responsible for the dismal game results, not the kids. The talent is good enough to win power 5 And SEC games.

Don’t blame the players. Blame the man who hired this coach and signed off on his staff.

I thought 6 wins were still possible out of the nine remaining after TAM if the Oline problems were addressed but honestly the past two weeks have done nothing to provide me hope of that happening. I saw Bama and Auburn as losses but felt we could right the ship given the positive comments from the staff at the time. I now wonder how bad this oline would have been if Frank R had gone pro last spring. In that case I guess the number of misses on the line would have to be adjusted by one more (sarcasm ). I wonder how BW could have started 10 games last year and yet not get on the field this year with this group. Still no real answer to that.

Clay hit the nail on the head two weeks ago before the New Mexico game with the comment that the staff would need to game plan better and be more creative with adjustments for the team be successful in the second half of games. His comments now are centered on whether they can get the Line problems addressed as everything else depends on getting that fixed. I may be putting words in his mouth, not sure he sees that happening. I for one do not .

Good teams find ways to win games, bad teams find ways to lose games. That happened last week at Carolina when the offense gave up 21 points to lose by 26. ESPN has us winning 2-3 (Coastal Carolina and Mizzou) more games on the FPI ratings–that is half of what could have been the total last year if we had not collapsed in the last two. Going forward next year , new QB and same o line problems , I struggle to see us going from 4-5 wins in 2017 to 8 wins or more in 2018.

Funny most predicted 6-6and 7-5 but are pissed when they were right
Most thought we would lost to TCU but beat Tam so far 1 off

Most picked SC to beat us and guess what they did

There’s an eye test involved in my opinion!
Look at the whole team and project how they play.
O line. How they played last year to this year. Whether they can improve between now and the last game.

Special teams. Horrible the past 4 years.
Bright spot last years punter whom is gone. This year giving up the back breaking TD to TCU late. No kick off on punt return threat on the field despite all the talk about play makers that can impact the game. I have seen them.
Defense bright spot Curl. What a good player out there as a freshmen.
No pressure and giving an eternity for a QB to pass. Play calling on defense is just as deflating as some of the calls the offense makes.
I want to see a team play with energy and fight. I want to see coaches involved and motivating the team.
I can take getting beat. But I want to see the hogs leave it on the field.
Record isn’t as important as how they play.
Sometimes the thought has crossed my mind every since the Toledo game going for it on 4th down and not scoring twice and getting beat was a fluke. Now I’m not so sure. If you kick the first field goal in that game and you get a stop the next field goal would have won the game.
It’s been that whole story the past 4 years!

Coach B needs to earn next season by how this teams plays on the field. What product is he delivering. What’s does next years team look like . One thing for sure he has done a good job in every way off the field.
If they play and compete against Auburn LSU Bama. Moo U. And Ole Miss and I mean play hard if it’s a win or a loss he should come back. If they look the same in these games as they looked at Chickens I’m not sure if he’s earned it!
EARN IT. Coach B.