So, what was the technical all about?

I did not see what happened.

Jaylen and the dude from CSU who chucked up 12 attempted 3s (aka black hole) had been jawing. Barford was on fire and those two were talking after Barford scored.

At the FT line the CSU guy was pulled, but Barford was still talking. I assume that tech was trash talk. I didn’t see the tech at half court, but my brother said Beard faked like he was going to hit someone. I can’t verify this, but both teams were all in each other’s faces at this point.

MA was not happy. It looked like he gave Barford and Beard a good chewing for a while over those dumb mistakes. And benched them for the remainder of the game.

A good lesson for both.

The chewing is nothing compared to the running those 2 probably had to do! It was uncalled for but it happens. Beard should have stayed out of it.


Y’all are right.

However, I do like the fact of Beard standing tall with his teammate. I wish our football team had the same fight and toughness as this year’s basketball team.