So what our seeding #

How about our RPI and do we in up on that dreaded 8-9 seeding.

Not going to be a 7 and don’t think we drop to 10?

What’s your thoughts?? had us up to the best 8 seed during the game. interested to see how that changes now after the game.

Most likely an 8 or 9. Does not really matter except for the color of the uniform you wear.

RPI is 27, before the game 26. Don’t think we will move that much, but I don’t know where the committee has us. Remember how far off Lunardi and Palm were with Florida during the “sneak peak.”

We deserve a 7, I expect an 8 or 9. My official prediction is an 8.

I’m gonna say a 10 (every time I pick it ends up way different)

I’m thinking a 9. No top-25 wins, 12 top-100 wins, not that great in the metrics like Pomeroy and Sagarin. And those two horrendous losses. I’d rather be a 10 than an 8, honestly. We can win a 7-10 and then sneak up on a 2 seed if they don’t have a penetrating PG or great outside shooting.

Those metrics: 38th in Pomeroy, 36th this morning in Sagarin, 29th in KPI. And yeah, 27 in RPI. Those are like 8-9 seed numbers. Eye test? We’ve had some really good games, like yesterday, and some real clunkers.

Lunardi said a while ago the field is set. Nobody is going to get in late. The seeding has been done. Now we just wait and hope for Tulsa.

I just don’t want to play Wichita in the first round.

I’m afraid we’re an 8 or 9. I don’t think we can expect a 7, but I doubt we’ll fall to 10. Certainly rather be a 10.

Lunardi had us this morning against Northwestern, then Nova. He is updating now, and we aren’t there anymore, Okie Light is. I liked that draw.

Jerry Palm has us as an 8 in Salt Lake City against Seton Hall. Funny thing is, I’ll be in Utah next weekend, but not on Saturday (Thursday-Saturday regional) and not in SLC.