So, what is the ranking and RPI fallout from getting swept?

Any updates yet?

RPI was 8 according to the Warren site. I suspect the ranking will be about the same.

Well, that’s not too bad, considering! Gives us a great opportunity to improve on that this week!

#7 by D1 Baseball

This team was due a bad weekend. It happens. I would rather get it out of the way. We have a good chance to go 4-1 or 5-0 this week. :smiley:

Baseball America dropped us from 3rd to 8th. Texas Tech moved to 4th.

Dropped four spots to No. 7 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll. Texas Tech is No. 4.

Arkansas is eighth in the NCAA RPI. Texas Tech is third.

Sure would like to get a split with Tech and sweep Bama but not sure we have the pitching depth to accomplish that. However, we do play much better at home and the weather for the weekend is supposed to be good. Also there is a 50% chance of rain on Wednesday so there is a chance we will only get to play one game with Tech.

I’d love to win the first game against TT & then have the 2nd game rained out. We’d get the win over a top team & rest our BP for the weekend. And while I’ll take a split–I know they’re a good team–we need to win both games at home. If we were playing in Lubbock I’d be more content with a split.

The hogs need to play both of those games against Texas Tech. They need to win them!
I’m not suprised by the drop in rankings or RPI. Someone commented about they were due a bad week and man they had one. They better pick it up next week or kiss a regional seed good bye!