So. What is the OSU pitching situation?

They only used two pitchers tonight. Both threw too much to be available Mon or Tuesday. I have no idea if the ones they used yesterday are out. Also have no idea how good those are.

Matt said they have one of the deepest BP’s in the NCAA. That’s bothersome. Goodness knows they can hit.

I’m just glad they’ve played one more game than we have the last couple of days.

Just about to post this question.
I’d like to know their usual starting rotation and how much and when they last threw.
I could do the homework I guess but I’m too lazy. :sunglasses:

There ace is throwing Monday, 10 and 1 last year 16 and 1 this year, but has only lasted 2 and 2/3 innings his last 2 starts I believe

That would be the molester, in case anyone didn’t know.

Yes I think we smoke em in game one.
He isn’t right. I think the exposure about it all has gotten to him a bit.

I was curious about the other starters.

Why is he called the molester?

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And to top it all off he now claims he didn’t do it but pleaded guilty anyway.
Yeah right.

The Heimlich kid is 16-1 as a starter but is probably best suited for the pen.


I thought it was obvious…

Oh I got it but the similarity to bullpen might confuse some people into thinking it was an actual baseball reference.

The Game 2 starter most likely will be junior right-hander Bryce Fehmel, who is 10-1 with a 3.16 ERA in 19 starts.

I do not think the Oregon State staff has been tested a lot this year. Its SOS is 29th, which is remarkably low for a team that has made it this far into the tournament. The Pac-12 has turned into a pitcher’s league, so I don’t think OSU has seen a lot of strong offensive teams.

The better offensive teams seem to have had some success against Heimlich. North Carolina touched him up last weekend and Missouri State reached base nine times against him in six innings in April. He is good, but I don’t think he is the level of some of the pitchers Arkansas has seen this year.

I think the Razorbacks can score off of him. The question Monday is how much Blaine Knight will be able to slow down the OSU lineup, which is really good and has a number of players who either have been or will be high draft picks.

OSU is the best team we have played IMO,they really have no weakness,they have 4 #1 picks in the their first 5 hitters,that’s tough! but I think if we hit the way we can we will win a very close series but if we strand all kind of RISP then we will have trouble winning.

Perhaps it was all a misunderstanding Swine. Maybe he was just applying the Heimlich maneuver.

I felt bad for laughing at this, but it’s a good one.

<I felt bad for laughing at this, but it’s a good one.>

I felt bad for posting it, but what was I to do with a hanging cuve ball like that?

Someone that molested their 4 year old niece until she was 6 (and pled guilty as a fifteen year old only getting probation for some strange reason but is a registered sex offender) deserves a lot of direct jokes. I can just imagine what the students at Stanford and UCLA chanted when he was on the mound… “Chester, Chester, Chester the molester” was probably on the light side of what he heard.

We need our fans to be ruthless. I’m not a sensitive guy, so I’m the type who hopes they break this kid, I hope the fans really bring it, and stick it to him. Wish I was there, even though I’m not all that loud, I’d enjoy the heckling.

You guys have got to stop. My rib cages are getting sore laughing at this. :smiley: