So what is Pittman waiting for?

Time we had a complete staff and started recruiting.

Since we never go to a bowl, we don’t get extra practices so strength and conditioning is vital. We need those guys also.

Believe he’s obviously waiting to announce everybody because somebody is still coaching.

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Pittman has said he is waiting for the bowl games to end elsewhere.

School doesn’t start back until the 13th, they aren’t missing anything.,

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Never let it be said that our fans have the slightest shred of patience. About anything,.


Got a feeling it could be Tray Scott for the d-line coach who is with Georgia… that would be a huge hire


We are not the smartest fan base out there.

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Well, those who have been told who the hire is, have said it isn’t Scott. I’d love for it to be him, I guess we’ll know in a couple of days.

May not be him but I know him and Pittman are pretty close

Sorry swine, yes a bit impatient. Thanks for pointing it out. That’s what you’re best at. Ah


Probably take $600k to get him to leave a secure job in Georgia, I don’t see us paying that much.

On DL another name to watch for is Chris Wilson - DL coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

Sam has said from the start that there would be a couple of assistants to be named after the New Year’s Day bowls. And, I guess we are just going to have to wait, right? No fun to wait. I usually want to open a presnt before Christmas but my wife makes me wait. We are going to have to wait on a few presents way past Christmas this time, right?


It could also be just a BIG 'OL touch of excitement Swine, that a lot of us Razorback fans haven’t had around here in quiet awhile as you yourself very well know!

I have no idea who fills these last two spots but I do think that whoever it may be is still coaching and if that is the case then it eliminates several of the names being thrown out as potential candidates. I also think he is probably looking at a minority hire for at least one of the positions and maybe both. Additionally, look for the RB coach to be someone within the Briles orbit who has experience with his offense.

Money in my opinion is not going to be an issue for the right guy. With that being said when you put a staff together you cannot overpay or underpay coaches within that staff. There is no salary schedule to follow but each salary has to make sense in terms of experience and job responsibilities and he will not just pay whatever to get an attractive coach.

The DL coach in my opinion is a crucial hire. They really need to get someone who can flat out recruit and to do that they need to have that same type of reputation that Pittman has as being able to develop that particular group of players. It all starts in the trenches and you are not going to win if you cannot compete in this area. Very important hire.

I think he was given a salary budget. Hunter and Sam describes it at one point. Think it was $5 million.

I heard the $5,000,000 budget number as well. But, I think that was before Gus signed Morris. I’m hoping there’s some offset in his buyout?

Yurachek said the budget for assistant coaches was around $5 million. I don’t think that is a hard cap.

I honestly don’t know why SCOTT would make a lateral move to us. He is good but not going lateral unless he is being encouraged to

I don’t know who it’s going to be, but I think we’re waiting on some people who are still coaching. Sugar Bowl is Wednesday. I could see making Scott the AHC to get him some more money. I don’t know if that’s what Sam has in mind but it’s possible. Assuming the TE coach from UCF is coming at the bottom of the pay scale, we have about $1.3 million-ish for the last three coaches. Scott might take about half of that, I think. If it’s him.