So.......what happens next?

Will we see AD perspective publicly on program I wonder - perhaps helping ensure important recruits see we are all in as program getting back to the top with this staff?

Will we see silence as there is not much to say as rumors are just rumors anyway and a changeout was just rumors not worth comment?

Hopefully, we can pull in some top juco talent and build.

I suspect that HY will support MA and the coaches will get on the road recruiting.

Boom. Exactly the way that i figured it would go down. Not holding you to it or anything but i agree.

Really hope we land Jolly.

What’d your opinion of Stiths game?

I think he has got some skills. I think if he got in Fayetteville early this summer he could redefine his body.

Thanks, do you think we are serious contenders for Jolly? He’s number one on my wish list

With the number of coach openings already in the SEC, I agree that MA mostly likely will return. He’ll recruit a couple of average players and we will have another mediocre season. Other SEC schools will go after the coach they want and some will get them. I predict a couple of those coaches will have turn their programs around and content. We will have a winning record and but stay in the middle of the pack.

Yeah maybe one will land slick Rick Pitino and one of the others will land sleazy Sean Miller. That is not out of the realm of possibility… it seems to be the SEC trend lately.

How quickly things change

Please do WHATEVER you have to and hire Mark Few.