So what happens if

Bama beats the Dawgs

Michigan loses to Iowa

Houston whips Cinn

Okie State loses to Baylor

Alabama - 1
Georgia - 2
Notre Dame - 3
Baylor - 4

And Greg Sankey is a happy man.

Earth will spin off its’ axis and hurtle straight into the Sun.


Marc Curles will become the AD at the UA and all questionable calls and reviews will go against the Razorback’s opponents, or Bama and Auburn.:hushed:


It will be time to bend over and kiss your a** good bye, the world will be ending…….that, or you just won a big bet on that parlay.

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Someone who placed that bet will be rich!


Without a running game (and I don’t think Bama can fix that without a bona fide running back), I don’t see the first one happening. Those others are not as far fetched.

Talk about chaos…

I would say:
Georgia and Bama both make the playoffs
Notre Dame sneaks in (they’re finished at 11-1)
And Baylor becomes the first two-loss team to make the playoffs.

I know no one wants to hear it, much less entertain the idea, but if UGA beats Bama and those other upsets occur, Georgia should be crowned national champion pending a bowl win against someone like Baylor, OU, or Iowa.

Ohio State would be screaming… feed me.

I think them 'DAWGS are salivating at the chance to pound 'em come Saturday, but so does everybody else and that is what has me worried. I’m gonna say no playoffs for Nickie. :sunglasses:

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I’m tired of the same teams being in the CFP. I’m tired of Alabama & I’m tired of tOSU. I’m tired of Klempson. Despite the fact it would cost the SEC a spot, I hope UGA beats Bama in the SECCG.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Baylor beat Okie Lite & would like to see Houston beat Cincy. I don’t know who that leaves in. Probably UGA, Mich, N.D., & maybe Bama still. Hard to imagine a 2 loss team getting in, but also can’t imagine a 1-loss Cincy making it.

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