So what happened to Mike Norvell?

He was on evryone’s short list. A real Stan Heath flavor of the month kind of guy. As far as I know though, he’s still stuck at Tiger High. What gives?

Stayed in Memphis…

Got a raise and extension.

He needs more pages in the chapter.

Really & truly, if someone could recruit Memphis, East AR, and Northwest MS, they could be successful. Ole Miss and TN have always cherry picked Memphis area.

From what I understand, he really only wanted the Arkansas job. It wasn’t offered, so he stayed.

I am also still hearing there is some truth to the rumors about the smoke surrounding him…

What are the rumors?

It seemed like he was the front runner (after the unicorn Gus). And then “poof”. He wasn’t.

I know he stayed in Memphis, but his extension seemed to come AFTER he was quietly no longer the favorite.

Rumors of Gambling at high levels is one of the biggest out there on him which I think scared off many looking. Both Tennessee and Arkansas looked at him

Norvel was only a hot number to some Hog fans. No one else even knows who the guy is and he would have been a bad hire for us as he has no connections to Texas High School coaches.

He has recruiting ties in Texas - recruited the state for AZ State and also has a lot of ties in OK from his time there.

As a point of reference his teams did beat SMU like a drum the last two seasons. I think he would have had as much opportunity to be successful as Morris has. Both have the types of offensive systems we need at Arkansas.

It appears not one team was serious about Mike Norvell. Seems like he’s a fit at Memphis, but for no one else. Read between the lines.

Arkansas was serious enough to interview him the Saturday night after his team returned from Orlando. They then interviewed Morris and picked him over Norvell as plan B should Gus tell them no.

I would bet this could be a good summation…