So what does this do to the CFP?

Big Ten no longer worries about a guaranteed spot in the playoffs. ACC torpedoed the expansion last year and now may wish it hadn’t; it could get left out when all this shakes out. Does the CFP now become12 at-large teams, and if your league isn’t good enough, tough cookies?

And do schools like UNC, Virginia and Clemson start looking for ways to get out of the ACC grant of rights which tie them down until 2036 or whatever? It will cost them a lot of money, but at some point the money they lose by being in the ACC may outweigh the cost to get out. And if they do, do they call Kevin Warren or Greg Sankey?

They absolutely walk away from the ACC and cough up whatever coin they have to cough up to gain access to the “big money” that will land in the laps of the super conferences in a year or two.

Not sure, but I bet UNC, UVA, Clemson, Duke, FSU, and Miami have moneyed boosters who will help with the buyout if they athletic department can’t work the finances on their own.

The figures I’m seeing is that it would cost Clemson, etc., well upwards of $300 million to get out. Yes, that’s a 3 followed by eight zeroes and two commas.

BUT if there is no ACC left to receive the buyout, then there is no buyout to pay.

And certainly if Texass and Mobilehoma can find a way to get out of their Orphan Eight obligations early, the lawyers in the Carolinas, Florida and Virginia will be working to duplicate that.

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