So what does SEC tournament bracket look like with

teams 1-4 already decided

Vandy is up on OM late, Moo U and Aggies haven’t started yet. But we know a few things.

Georgia is last. Vandy is 11th, so they’ll play Wednesday. Ditto Misery and Ole Miss.

The Aggies and Humpers will decide 9 and 10.

Four-way tie for fifth among LSU, Bama, Florida and the Poultry. No idea what the tiebreakers are. But one of them will be fifth, play the Misery-Ole Miss winner Thursday and the winner gets us Friday.

They just showed a bracket on the Vandy-OM broadcast. LSU is the 5.

Vandy won but the order doesn’t change. VU still 11th at 7-11, Flopnecks still 13th at 4-14. Only question now is who finishes ninth, which will be decided at Reed Arena.

We should be in the 1 PM Central game Friday as the 4 seed. Don’t know yet (until the end of tonight’s games) who we will be playing (who will be in the game who’s winner we will meet).

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