So what does 8-4 get these Kids?

I don’t know but did we move up a bowl or 2??

OK who picked 8-4? Not I.


And a raise for Sam. He is not going to win any COY awards but he should be in the conservation, IMO


Only if we are 9-3 at the end of regular season.

O Line coaches across the country are seeing one of their own make a showing as a head coach and are probably doing back flips. Great for CSP and the O line fraternity! WPS


And that’s a shame in the SEC. There is not a coach in the SEC this year that deserves COY honors as much as Pittman. If we finish 8-4… a very real possibility now, then he should hands down be COY. Look what he has accomplished in 2 years with playing the toughest schedule in the nation while also crawling out of the dumpster fire that we were. We were at the point for holding the record for most SEC losses in a row. Now we can stand there with an 8-4 record.

I’m sure it will go to Kirby Smart, but what the hell out of the ordinary has he done this year. He was stacked and loaded. So this year is just usual. For awhile I though it might go to Kentucky as they have done very well this year, but now I really can’t see a performance better than Pittman.


I was thinking about COY award this morning. I agree that Sam should be in the middle of the discussion and should win if we go 8-4. But the cool thing is that Sam does not worry about those honors one bit (IMO). He’s a leader that gives credit to his coaches, players and staff all the time. Love the guy.

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Sam may be one play from COY – the 2-pointer at the Flopnecks. But we didn’t make it.

I think some of the bowl projections took into account that we’d probably beat LSU and Misery and lose to Bama. The first one I found this morning, from 247, has us in Nashville against Wisconsin, which is the only FCS defense giving up fewer yards than Georgia. But we found out last night we can win a game like that.

Jerry Palm also has us in Nashville against Penn State.

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Wisconsin has a defense built to play in the Big X. Athletically, they are not near the level of Georgia, Alabama, or even the LSU defense we saw last night.

Their best win was against Iowa, which is offensively challenged. They will probably end up in the Big X title game, unless Nebraska or Minnesota pull a real surprise. If Michigan or MSU show up from the East, Wisconsin could win. If it’s Ohio State, well…

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I think 8-4 will have Arkansas in the same discussion, for a group of six bowl game — Music City, Liberty, Texas, Outback, Gator or Duke’s Mayo bowls.

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I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Minny beats Wisky. They have a road grader offensive line.

Iowa is indeed offensively challenged, but their D is legit too. They play the Fighting Bielemas Saturday.

My Iowa grad friend in Omaha is pumped at the thought of a possible bowl match with the Hogs. We haven’t played them in 96 years which is a little surprising. Iowa City is only 15 miles farther from Fayetteville than Austin is.

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I don’t know what it all means, but last night I did check flights etc to both Jacksonville and Tampa. I would go to either of those. Not interested in going to any of the others.

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votan that is a shame. We IMO have build a very respected FB team. The players deserve credit but so do our coaches. Yes Asst. coaches are secretly pulling for Sam.

I am not fearful of Bama as I have been all year. Bring them on. And at home we will beat MU…

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