so what did they say Thursday?

The teasers on WholeHogSports mentioned some highly rated prospects to be on RD’s show Thursday nite.

What’d they say? (thought we discussed this?)

DE Joseph Anderson said he’ll most likely visit Arkansas for the spring game. Very high on the Hogs. … pring-gam/

WR TQ Jackson said the Arkansas visit was better than his others at Texas, SMU and Baylor. Blown away by the facilities, the coaches and atmosphere. … -going-fo/

LB Jackson Hannah plans to visits again in large part because of his relationship with Chavis. He loved the family atmosphere. … ter-visit/

DL Trevis Hopper said he wanted to commit when he was trying on uniforms but Morris wanted to meet with him later before accepting. He’s ready to recruit others to Arkansas including WR Trey Knox and RB Eric Gray. … razorback/

Geez you never stop Fred "dead horse here " its not like RD and DD are sitting around. If you paid attention they gave us excellent info on all Hog BB recruits games and there BB games to go to state championships

I can post links with the best of them. However, I am far more likely to read a story or an interview than I am to watch it. Maybe an assistant can transcribe the video.

Sometimes an interviewer amplifies what is said or even
a bit of stream of consciousness that adds a little depth
that isn’t there from a straight video.

Just the facts video might not include an off the cuff
comment or other observers added question or reflection.

So, what did they say seems to be asking for insight
from a trained and knowledgeable sports analyst.

There were several things.

  1. Very positive about the coaching staff and they really like our school

  2. No one said anything negative about the school or coaches.

  3. They played a new sound tone that our recruiting staff is using all over social media. It’s completely different and has never been done before. It will completely revolutionize recruiting.

You ever get tired of standing on that high box you stand on looking down and talking down to other folks? If I did not say anything about this, I’m not sure it would be fixed.

And if you read carefully, I did not ask about the BB recruits. There was ample info on them; just what we as readers desired. I just asked about the Recruiting Thursday guys. Sac, is your name Jeff?

Listening to the audio also allows one to hear the the tone and enthusiasm of a kid when replying to a question. Something that print can’t reveal.

Yep. That’s why both are better.

Guess you missed my point, think they’ve been away covering state Bb tourneys all weekend :?