So what did KJ and Stone say on Recruiting Thursday?

This is Friday, and we premium subscribers want to know. … official-/ … sas-visit/ … -arkansas/ … isit-arka/ … -20180413/

Stone- Ready to spend more time with the coaches and learn more about the program.

It was him and his father on the Feb. 24 visit. Mother will come this time too. Very good chance he commits. That’s me not him saying that.

KJ had a great visit last Friday and was glad his mother could make so she could see how well the coaches treat him. She was very impressed with the academics. He’s still sorting through things.

Thank you, MP. None of these were germane to my question, but I appreciate the time you took to compile what was already available. I had read them.

I understood you loud and clear.

The links allow you to listen to what KJ and Stone had to say on Recruiting Thursday.

I am glad to know that. Thanks for your input.
I read and scan much faster than most can talk.
If I am interrupted, I pick up right where I left off
and if I missed something on a video I have to take time
to reverse and hope to catch and understand it on a replay. I sometimes reread key statement or points to my wife.

In our world of quick access, Instagram, Snapchat,
and Twitter much is lost from face time and our
written word. There is a reason why Orville Henry
is such a revered figured in the annals of all things
Razorback. It may be that you have to be over 40
to truly understand this.
I may be a real outlier about this. I read between
35-40 hours a week and I prefer reading.
I also enjoy the interviews with the coaches and players
on occasion to get a sense of their personality, intensity,
humor and Razorback spirit. Confidence and charisma
just bubble out of some of these Hogs.
Committed not interested Razorback fan.

What bothers me is not that Insiders offer the Recruiting Thursday nite videos/recordings, but that at NO later date do they transcribe or even attempt to mention what key points were said by the recruits. It is very much a “force feed” of information–come to my Recruiting Thursday or you ain’t gonna get this info.

That’s premium service?

Duds acknowledged this a week or so ago and promised to do better on following up on this very juicy information, and he did one time, but that was it.

I gave it a couple of weeks to see if us premium people would receive this bonus information, but alas, no, we don’t. If this sounds like a broken record, then fix it, please. This is not one of my soap boxes that is fun.

I like the written word for these as well. Figured I wAS the only one

I’d vote for a summary a day or two later as well. I cannot sit through 3 or 4 12-15 minuet interviews

I also would rather read…It was in the '60’s i used my study hall time just to go to the library to READ Orville’s columns…When it comes to technology I am a happy neanderthal…

I intend to do that.

I did it once and then went on vacation for two weeks.

Was unable to do it this Friday morning because of the breaking Will Gragg story and the Jadon Jackson stories.

I intend to do a summary, if not stories each week.

That is unless something comes up or I get tired of my fellow reporter being berated instead of asked to do so politely as I would expect for us to do with our subscribers.

As I mentioned in a previous post on this topic, written reports are my strong preference, despite being derided for it by the staff and some other posters.
Dudley said he would do it, but I haven’t seen any real follow through or commitment on the matter.

I just explained why in the post right above this one and noted my intention to do it in the future.

Politeness, like reading, seems to be a thing of the past. I appreciate all Richard and Dudley do and know that breaking stories, like that of Gragg leaving the program, are what drives the daily grind. The fact that they would even be willing to transcribe what was said is a tremendous act that deserves gratitude, not berating. It seems to me that Richard points out the most important aspect of each interview in a synopsis at the top of the audio. But that’s just me. Berate as you like.

I for one would much rather have a conversation and don"t believe in berating anyone on line…it is just a preference to read…simply put…old school

I’ll try and do a cliff notes, but transcribing all four interviews isn’t going to happen. The interviews are no different from the videos of the coaches and the players. There’s no word for word account of those interviews.

The vast majority of interviews Dudley and I post are reading types. I post the radio interviews so people can listen if they choose to.

Students work cheap and are fast.
I once had three part-time jobs.

You are right. I do not mean transcribe, and I understand that workload. Not what I intended. I just want to know what the guys say that would be of interest, period. Cliff notes is mighty fine, thank you.

Will do.