So what did Hog Q mean by this?

>But Whiz, one of these days you and I are going to have a face to face conversation. I am looking forward to it.<

Sounds kind of ominous to me. Perhaps even threatening. I would hope that isn’t the case. If it is, I would sure hope the admins would respond swiftly and forcefully.

Really don’t see anything out of the way there.

I appreciate the concern, Eagle, but I’m not worried about it.

Look - I know that while some appreciate my posts, there are others that don’t care for the fact that I’m accountable and I hold others to the same standard. If someone makes an outlandish or just plain wrong claim, and I call them out on it by asking them to back up their statement, they don’t like it. Never mind that it was something THEY said/claimed.

Some, like HogQ, feel compelled to lash back in a way that - I guess - makes them sound/feel (in their minds) a little macho. Note that whatever it does, what it doesn’t do is address any of the questions I asked him.

What’s the phrase from the old westerns? “All hat and no cattle”?

I didn’t take it that way, but who knows. Heck, I would like to meet all of you face to face sometime. I have met several and enjoyed it each time. Great folks.

We all care about the Hogs. That unites us and I think nearly all of us are very concerned right now. Maybe that puts a little edge to it.

All hat and no cattle indeed - most people behind their keyboard. My philosophy is let’s just see if people are quite the smartass when they aren’t hiding behind their keyboard. I would love to have some of these conversations in person.

As for ominous , that’s pretty freaking funny. Over an internet posting… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

This is all about the silly uniform post. I stand by my point that the younger generation loves them (check out Bobby Portis’ tweet) and its good for recruiting. We AREN’T Alabama. They can choose to keep their uniforms the way they are. Schools like Arkansas need every recruiting advantage they can find. As far as the link I posted, it DID appear that it was in a game time setting from the background. After being challenged, I went back and checked again and acknowledged that maybe it was photoshopped. There ya go - feel better now. Has your ego been soothed that you were RIGHT? Do you feel all big and special now that you got what you wanted and you made the world a better place? :roll: :roll: :roll:

The issue here I have with a few posters around this place isn’t in that they think they are the internet police, who cares. Its how they address other paying members on this board, like they think they are somehow better than everyone else, or above everyone else. Belittling even. So yes, I would love to see if people like Wiz are the same way in person. Maybe he would be … who knows. There’s only one way to find out though. But it’s easier for some to stay behind their keyboard and chirp away.

Well that pretty much confirms what I thought. I hope appropriate action is taken.

Eagle, I in no way was ominous or threatening. Just because you want to see if people have the stones to say something in person vs. hiding behind a keyboard does not mean you are threatening.

If I recall, you have some ties to Baptist Prep somehow. I do too. Heck, you and I might have a chance to have a conversation in person sometime. That in no way means that I would intend any harm to you. There isn’t a poster on this board that I would intend to harm - we’re all Razorback fans. But I’d like to shake your hand sometime, buy you a soda, and give you the opportunity to be as authentic in person as you are on this board.

Oh yeah…<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 1604916229”></LINK_TEXT>

Goodness! All this over paying tribute to Jerry Jones…
In the end, I think you guys are both great Hog fans. Let’s keep it at that. WPS

I have to admit their are some around here who love to antagonize behind the security of a keyboard, (Wiz not being one of those in my opinion), but just the same most all of us know who the real smart… antagonizers are and they usually spew negativity every chance they get also. Heck I have been lured into that trap before and had to check myself, but only after I realized I had let my ego get bruised by someone here.
Personally I think 90%+ of us would have some great one on one conversations if the opportunity(s) arise. Informative, challenging, professional, and most importantly humorous chats about the Hogs and otherwise.
That includes Hog Q & Wiz both as well.

OK Hog Q maybe I overreacted and misinterpreted what you said. I have no ties to Baptist Prep. I’m neither Baptist nor preppie. I do think that Connor Vanover and Isaac McBride are great players and I have seen them play a few times. I really don’t care that much what we wear. I just get tired of the “it’s what recruits want” line. We ditched our traditional uniforms after the 2007 season and I’m still waiting for the top 10 recruiting classes and monster success on the field that was supposed to be the pay off for ditching tradition. Meanwhile in Tusc Town… And finally I hope you will now acknowledge that Bama has never worn black uniforms. :smiley:

I disagree with lots of folks. But mostly they are all someone I’d enjoy spending time around. If we don’t agree on something, I can move past that pretty quickly.

Not sure you were lured in :wink:

Clay, I agree. I don’t always agree with you, Dudley, RD, and some others, but it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t mind meeting some of the posters on here (even Blu and Swine :wink: ). However, in all honesty, piggy backing off eagle, there are maybe one or two on the board that may not have the nicest of interactions if they and I ever met face to face. So, I IGNORE them.

I agree with you Jim. It would be fun to meet folks on this board. After years of visiting this site daily you realize that no matter how we differ on things going on in the program we all want the best for our Razorbacks. I recently had lunch with Clay and specifically asked about you, Jerimiah and Fred even though I’ve never met any of you. Great folks here. Plus Clay, Dudley, Matt and crew have such integrity in reporting Hog news. For old timers like me it’s great to hear from Clay about the history of Razorback sports. No other writer has the first hand knowledge of so much of that history than Clay.

Let’s beat aTm. Please!

  1. I like Whiz a lot. I agree with him 99% of the time.
  2. I too would like to meet him face to face because I think it would be fun to have dinner with him.
  3. I also don’t like the anonymity of message boards. I have posted several times who I am and where I live and don’t have a problem with people knowing it. The one time I can remember really really getting into it with another poster was with a guy who both of us know who the other one is. (We are from the same hometown).
  4. The idea of any type of physical altercation is so stupid it is unreal. The last time I got into a fight was probably grade school. I am 54 now and ANY CHANCE that was going to happened went away a LONG time ago. (And I didn’t think Hog Q meant it that way).

Well, when you’re 54, you tend leave your left a little low :wink:

I’m with you here. I have had one skirmish since I was in high school and that was an alcohol induced scrap when I was in the Army.

I stopped liking fighting when I found out that win or lose, it hurts.

We really should have a Hawgs Illustrated BBQ some time. Stand around, eat burgers and hot dogs and talk Hogs.

YEP, just like you are doing.
Stop acting like the bully on the block and get over yourself.
Wiz brings tons and tons of good info to the board.
If I make a wrong statement or error its no big deal to be called out.

Big Baby! :lol: :lol:

Don, you made me laugh. Thanks!

Eagle, I’ve already acknowledged that image was probably photoshopped. :slight_smile: Now are you willing to admit that recruits like stuff like the tribute uniform and since we AREN’T Bama, we need to utilize everything we can? I guess we could not do these kinds of things and see what happened but I don’t think that’s a great idea. I don’t think anyone said special uniforms would give us a top 10 class but we need every tool in the toolbox.

I agree with a prior poster - this is a lot over what was intended to be tribute a former Razorback going into the Hall of Fame. A tribute that brought him to tears.