So we're waiting on the Stanford-UConn winner

To see who we play first in Omaha.

Stanford is 46-16 and had the #2 RPI. UConn is 50-15 but had the #43 RPI, even worse than ours.

UConn won the first game of the super, holding on for dear life after building a big lead. Stanford won comfortably yesterday. I have no idea of either team’s pitching situation, which is usually the key in June, but it will be interesting. I do know UConn’s ace was knocked out in the second inning yesterday and got ejected, which means he’ll be suspended if they do get to Omaha. So maybe we should root for the Huskies today.

They play at 3 p.m. Central today on ESPN2, by the way.


I guess I would rather play Stanford since we’ve played them once and saw them play in person a couple of games. Don’t know anything about either team. Go Trees! :evergreen_tree:

I go in the other direction. Stanford is a very talented team, and they will be confident playing us since they beat us pretty soundly. Don’t forget that the “we’ve seen them once” goes both ways.

I’m pulling for UConn.

I will also hope UCONN wins today. I don’t want to see Stanford.

Of course, at this stage, EVERY team you see will be talented and they are also playing very well…or else they wouldn’t be in Omaha. So, you get who you get and just have to get after it.

And by the same token, they have to play US, and we’re playing very well right now.

Ok, you guys talked me into it. Go DogS!

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