So we know all but one of our assistant coaches?

So I assume we are waiting on one defensive assistant, Joseph or skipper rumored. Is this About right? No school can formally add a tenth coach until 1-10 or 1-9 I believe even though some schools have already announced who their 10th asst will be.

If the FootballScoop report on Cooper is accurate, then there are two vacancies remaining on the defensive side once the 10th assistant rule goes into effect.

Those either confirmed or reported to be on staff are Chavis, Caldwell and Cooper. There also is a belief by many that John Scott Jr. could be rehired, although that is not confirmed.

What about the high school coach?

Also… is it the guy from Lake Travis?

The three coaches mentioned above - Chavis, Caldwell and Cooper - are the only ones who have been confirmed or reported to be on the defensive staff. Hank Carter, the coach at Lake Travis, is a longtime friend and colleague of Chad Morris who reportedly was offered a job in some capacity at SMU in 2014, but turned it down because he said Lake Travis is where he wants to be. I’m unsure whether there is interest on either side at Arkansas.

if you add the one arkansas assistant who coaches defensive line, he is expected to be kept. lunuey at tight end, that leaves one, a secondary coach.

former DL coach at A & M Terry Price I think was let go today. Wondering if he will be moving here now.