So we beat Texas...and...

…our RPI actually DROPPED a few places…

We REALLY need to quit scheduling these bottom-feeder non-conference games if we want to host a super regional.

Ha ha ha…feels good to say that.

Joking aside, I believe this will be a good win by the time the season is over. Now, we need to take care of business tomorrow. Don’t know that much about the pitcher they will have starting, but his numbers are much stronger than the guy they put out there tonight. Might be a much tighter game.

That gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling reading that.

Thanks, Wiz!

Tuck Fexas!

We beat Texas and moved up one spot.

Texas bites, Texas bites
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Texas jump up and bite my ***!

We don’t give a damn about the whole state of Texas,
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The RPI will jump about 20 spots after this coming weekend. It will jump another 10 the next. It might jump another 5 the next – and be in the top 5. Don’t worry about the RPI.

Well, I suspect we better win some of those games. I’d love to win the series against UK. Would really love to win it on the road at Ole Miss & Fla. However, if we’re 3-6 in those games, I wouldn’t think we’d see an RPI increase.

That’s interesting. I checked before making the OP last night, and we were in the 40’s. It did show us being 12-4, so - I thought - included the win over Texas. I guess I caught the site in the middle of being updated?

Oh well. Regardless, playing/beating Texas will pay dividends at the end of the season, when it counts. I’m not concerned about where we stand right now.

And Texas Tech, who we will see in a few weeks, currently sits on top of the RPI rankings. Kentucky, who we host this weekend, just took 2 of 3 from the Red Raiders. So, our SOS will take care of itself. It invariably does, after we’ve gone through the SEC schedule. But our out of conference schedule will enhance it even further this season.

They always update the W/L’s and wait until all the games are completed that night before updating. Every game has potential to effect all of the numbers.

Getting these 2 wins over Texas is as good as it gets! Nothing makes me feel better.
Forget about RPI that will take care of itself.
As far as the Kentucky series goes win the series at least.

Exactly. RPI is WAY secondary to the thrill of sweeping Texas. We all know RPI in mid-March is meaningless. But beating Texas anytime is priceless.

By the way, my vote for player of the series goes to that fan behind left field who threw the Texas HR ball back into the field rather than keep it as a souvenir. I love his attitude even if the TV announcers didn’t pick up on why he did it.

Yes, NEA . . . RPI’s are meaningless at this time of the year.

However, wins over teams like Texas will not be meaningless to our RPI at the end of the season. Every game/win counts; especially over programs that you just know will win their share of games over the course of the season (and against quality opposition).

Anyway, my OP was more a tongue-in-cheek shot at the Horns than any kind of RPI “complaint”.

Oh, I know that, Wiz. But you know how threads tend to go off in different directions. We tend to think alike on most issues, so it was easy to see what you meant.