So we are down 3 coaches now?

We need to replace our DC, LB, and TE coaches. Wow. Sam will be very busy and two of those were awesome recruiters. Tough position, but highlights that Sam can hire good assistants.

Scherer is supposed to see LB commit Alex Sanford today. But yes, expect him to join Odom.

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Sam may need to clone himself. I don’t know how he has enough time of the day to hire coaches, coach a bowl game, recruit, portal watch and keep recruits from bolting. Whew.


Yeah, it’s a crazy time for sure. I sure hope he has a crazy good support staff to help out.

This…I can’t imagine that this is the situation our HC desired a month ago.

I really wish we wouldn’t let coaches visit/recruit kids if that coach is openly in talks with other programs about going to work with them. That can’t be positive for the Hogs to have those folks on recruiting trips.


Well until the leave you want to keep status quo because if you don’t, risk upsetting the kid and damaging the coaches ability to recruit.

As long as folks are being upfront should be fine.

That’s just the problem, it wasn’t status quo with Loggains. Word was out that he was likely leaving and he was still in recruits homes.

Yes he was and he told every recruit that if job worked out he was gonna take it. That has been reported.

He was also in those homes after the deal appeared to be dead and they were going to be moving on.

All 3 recruits were told. Just like last year briles was upfront with recruits about talks with Miami.

I’d be lost without your input. I’m glad you know so much! Thanks for the update!

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