So Ware and Smith are now at NLR?


Crazy to me…Here in Hot Springs if you want to move from Hot Springs High to Lake Hamilton or Lakeside and you play sports its an act of congress.

How the kids in Little Rock get to move from school to school so easy is amazing to me.

sounds like it’s all but official.

This was the one I was hinting at here: Bryson Warren will attend

5:12 update: Nick Smith Sr. confirms it’s official.

I believe that’s a remnant of the infamous Pulaski County school desegregation case. Because people were going to have to move around anyway to achieve some semblance of integration, they made it easy to transfer within the county as long as your presence at the new school didn’t make the racial imbalance worse.

Garland County doesn’t have a federal court ruling like that.

Wasn’t Ware already at NLR?


Here in Hot Springs if you are black you can’t use school of choice unless your moving to a school that is predominately white. If your white you cant move to a predominately white school…if any of this makes sense.

Of course if you have a change of address then it doesnt matter.

It’s my understanding that it is in the process of happening, but he has not enrolled.

It will be a permanent move into the district.

Might as well put the trophy in the Charging Cat’s case now.