So tonight it’s turnovers

Silly careless turnovers

Shooting better though

Yes for are. Sure

Shooting and rebounding is great.
But yea TO’s need cleaned up.

10 TOs already. Playing well other than careless TOs.

Team is playing tough and hard. Proud of them.

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Jackson helping big time tonight. 4 Boards, 8 points on 2-4 3s. Now, we need keep this up in the 2nd half. Must cut down the TOs.

Very happy with the 1st half, except for the turnovers. I hope Desi can get out of his head in the 2nd half. Go Hogs!

If we can stop forcing tough passes that will eliminate the turnovers.

They are shooting over Connor…

Where is the team that played in the first half

7 point lead gone in 4 minutes.


Us - 15

Tn - 2

Amazed at the senseless turnovers. Stepped out of bounds 3 times. Some ridiculous passes.

I swear all of our TOs are unforced. Stepping on the OB line, fumbling a pass, etc.

THe announcer just said “impressive defense by Vanover tonight” with about 15 mins left in 2nd. What game is this moron watching???

Fulkerson is impressive!

He is. But every shot bounces on the rim and drops. Think he’s been a little fortunate.

If I hear Dykes say “Fulkee” one more time, I may take a 12 gauge to my TV.


Desi zero points…

Notae now with his 4th TO trying to drive through 3 defenders again.