So this stupid cylinder rule

If a defender is in the cylinder of a player, the offensive player can punch him in his eye? Elbow him? Break his sternum? Shank him? Throat punch him? Anything goes if he is in the cylinder? The dumbest rule ever.

Agree Gas!

Takes away from defense.

I’d never heard of that rule until tonight, but the guy clearly shoved. Seems like a dumb rule. Should’ve been our ball

So what does the rule book define as the dimensions of a player’s “cylinder”

I would like to know as well. Apparently it’s discretionary, and quota driven. Seems it could be called all the time.

Inside his feet. It’s to eliminate leaning over a player. It also clarifies a charge if you are outside his feet in a a trap and he tries to lean into you to make room. That would be a foul on the ball handler.

I think the cylinder rule has something to do with the pivot foot. The defender must allow the ball carrier to pivot. I think… not totally sure though.

you don’t have to allow him to pivot. You have to allow him to stand up straight to his plant foot. It’s to prevent leaning over a player.

College basketball is like high school basketball was 50 years ago. If you touch someone, it is a foul. I guess this is a product of our soft society. Don’t touch, don’t tease…blame it on somebody else. It’s got to be somone else’s fault. Call the lawyer. Let’s go to the replay to see if I was harmed. Someone call Peter Miller…the man with the smile.

Nolan’s teams would have all fouled out if they played today. College basketball is watered down enough today…let these guys play.

The second half was some of the best defense we have played this year. The pressure we put on them led to their poor field goal % the second half. With the pressure we did get a lot of ticky tacky fouls where we were definitely in their face or cylinder.

I had not heard of this rule either until the last seconds of the Virginia win over Duke earlier in the day on Saturday. Allen, of Duke, got inside the cylinder to foul the Virginia player and the Virginia player swung his elbow and really whacked Allen. The refs didn’t even review it. The announcers said it was clearly a “cylinder” play. Then, we see it again in our game.