So there has to be Plan B's

Who are the plan b’s?

those on the field in September.

We’ll have Connor Noland, John Stephen Jones and KJ Jefferson, and maybe, Ty Storey.

Noland and Jefferson are highly touted and recruited players. Noland will be a sophomore and KJ a freshman. It is pretty easy to visualize Connor Noland being the starter. The guys is talented. He could be really good. Noland is going to be much better than Ty Storey by next fall, I believe. He looked better than Ty in the Missouri game. If Noland can stay healthy, I think we will be in good shape at quarterback, not great, but good.

Connor is athletic with a very strong arm. He is a dual sport athlete. He and Jefferson will duel it out at some point for the quarterback position from all we have been told and read.

Connor will be a Redshirt Freshmen, will he not?

Well, he didn’t redshirt, I don’t think. He will be a sophomore with the ability to still redshirt, won’t he?

Connor will have gone to school an entire year by next fall, but he didn’t redshirt this past season. So, what does that make him…a sophomore with the ability to redshirt, I think. It’s confusing really.

He played this season, but didn’t lose his ability to redshirt because he only played in four or fewer games. He was a true freshman this season. He can’t be a true freshman next year because he was this year. I vote for him being a true sophomore with the ability to redshirt. Let the snowflaking begin.

I believe Stephen Hawking covered this question in his book “A Brief History of Time”.

He’ll redshirt and be a Rfreshman, excuse. :smiley:

I wouldn’t rule out the Jones kid at QB. Folks worry about his size, but that doesn’t stop a kid that knows how to lead and win games. IMO

Connor Noland played in four games this season, John Stephen Jones played in three so they both redshirted.

So they will be listed as redshirt freshman.

Okay, that makes sense. So, they can still have 4 years of eligibility even though they have played some. So now, you can play 4 years and 4 games in another year. The previous deal was you could only play 4 years with another year to redshirt where you could not play at all.

So, you don’t really know if someone is redshirting until after the season?

I believe Ty was a 2 sport All-Stater also.

If they get to the 11th game and they’ve only played in two of the first 10, you already know they can redshirt. Unless you’re going to a bowl or the playoffs, but you get the idea.

Yeah, this is the first year of the new rule that you can redshirt if you only play in four games and it doesn’t matter if they are the first four, last four, or any four in between. That one helped some others, too. Like OT Noah Gatlin, who played early and late, but still redshirted.

The real plan B should be to build an OL that can protect a QB. Who ever plays the QB spot will need to be mobile and efficient in escape and evasion techniques for the hogs to have a chance next year. That’s my opinion. QB play wasn’t good this past season but part of that blame should be shared by the non existent blocking of the line!

If Noland cant go through spring he cant improve. Spring is detrimental to the development of a young QB.

Noland is going through football spring training. It’s been posted in several other threads.

Uh, did you mean essential? :?:

Either that, or going along with the negatives in the first sentence, might be he forgot the word “missing” in front of the word “spring”?

Until the TEAM decides that they can play competitive football and ALL players buy into Morris’s scheme…I don’t care who put at quarterback, we’re still going to lose.