So the top 3 teams in the B12 are playing #3 & #6 in the SEC west --------

------------ and #3 in the SEC East. Is that their attempt to try to have competitive games and increase fans from B12?

Playing in Arlington is voluntary. DVH wants to play there every chance he gets but others may disagree.

Tennessee is playing at a tournament in the Phoenix area against AZ, Grand Canyon (which is gonna be pretty good this year) and UC-San Diego; they lost to Arizona last night. The Rebnecks decided they’d rather open their season with a cupcake at home. Ditto the Corndogs.

DVH is a very smart man. 2 of our starting pitchers come from within an hour of Arlington. That is very lucrative recruiting for us in Texas and maintaining an active presence there showcasing our talent and our fans while beating our main recruiting rivals for those local guys is genius. Go Hogs.


Not only do we recruit that area heavily, but playing in Arlington is an RPI benefit, one that we lacked last year after playing in Round Rock (NCAA hasn’t gone to NET for baseball yet, but that’s probably coming).

For some reason Mike Bianco decided that he wants to be a Big Ten coach this year. The Rebnecks have nine NC games against the B1G. At least Maryland (four games) is projected to win the B1G this year. But OM is not playing anyone ranked in the preseason top 25.

Edit: Maryland is ranked in the preseason top 25. But it lost its opener yesterday.

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Invitations are extended BEFORE anyone knows the rankings. Who knows who is going to be where based on portal and the draft.

I live in DFW, my Daughter graduated Ark and my wife and I have adopted the school as ours. We went last 2 nights and try and visit as Fayetteville as much as possible. I still dont understand the comments why play in Dallas for this tourney or for football game. I would think recruiting is really important and all the kids from Texas attending the college have to help given tuition premium.

Anyways, my first thoughts on team but i noticed we dont have any freshman star this year like years past Casey, Heston, Cayden, Robert then Peyton but nobody younger starting…is this concerning? I dont know the pipeline like others but seems bare.

Infielding has the yips and if they were crisp this would have been a different game. There seem to be 3-4 hitters at this point, others not on yet but hopefully warm up and develop.

Peyton Stovall is playing elite level


I think it’s premature to say there are no freshman stars on this team.


Gage Wood has elite talent and will help as a true freshman. He was nervous in his first outing last night (against TCU). With a big lead today, he settled down and displayed his stuff. He will be an excellent freshman. That arm is electric.

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Thanks for both your replies I guess I just have not heard about them from the beginning like the others in the past. I agree Gage Wood had a bad outing last night i felt for him given it was obvious he was rattled. Its amazing how they bounced back. 2 of 3 in ranked Big 12 will help i would think later this year in RPI. Thanks all

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