So the 2020 basketball instate class is LOADED!!

Gerald Doakes, Chris Moore & Moses Moody.

Arkansas basketball instate talent has gotten ridiculously good (not quite Memphis levels) but producing elite talent at a very high rate.

Did you post in the Doakes’ story post? If so, I think I deleted the thread. I’m sorry. I was trying to delete my post and deleted the thread.

Watched Moore play for West Memphis vs Forrest City. He is really built and a man child at 6’ 6’. Hard for me to say how good he will be when he is a senior. He looked right at home playing as a 9th grader on the senior high team for a big school like WM.

Enlighten me on Moses Moody.

He was one of the best player’s at Pangos Jr. in February and he was 13 teen at the time.

I assume that is Pangos Junior High. So where is Pangos? Is Moses gonna be a guard, forward, center? Or none of the above?

He is talking about Pangos All-Star camp. He is a FR at LR Parkview. … -a-a-camp/

From what I have seen so far, looks like a SF/SG combo. But he is only a freshman and his body may change significantly in the next two years.

Projected to grow to 6’8" by time he is a senior.

I know 2020 is a long time from now, but I have to ask. Where does Arkansas stand with Doakes, Moore and Moody? Do they play together on AAU team?

Need to add PG Khalen Robinson of LR Episcopal to the list. He plays for the Arkansas Hawks.

Doakes and Moore played for the Wings while Moody played for Team Superstars.

Another kid that doesn’t get mentioned much because he hasn’t played with a bigger AAU team is Detrick Reeves of Marion, AR.

Kid is 6.2 and pretty solid. His dad is a big guy at around 6.7. Reeves can handle and shoot, but what I like more than anything is how well he uses his body down low and he can finish multiple ways from 15 and in.

He will be playing with wings elite this year, and he finished with them in Vegas last year.

What about the other player from Marion who I think is tall for his age.

Richard, what do you think of Doakes’s teammate Davonte Davis? Arkansas Basketball Rankings rates him higher than Khalen.

Both Khalen and Davis are under 6 feet right now. Hopefully they have some growth left.

He was impressive. I remember him having a good game but I was so focused on Doakes I didn’t watch him as much.

You’re probably talking about Timothy Ceaser, he’s a 10th grader. I’ve watched him once this year, I wasn’t happy with his developement from last year. I just didn’t see that he had gotten any better in a year, but he does have some ok skills for 10th grade and 6ft7 or 6ft8. If he grows a little more and gets his head right he could be a very good player.

I really, really like Moody.