So since we broke out the white helmets for Mizzou

The white helmets are just lame and not very attractive. Give them to some high school. Who in the world decided to wear those ugly things? Somebody fess up…Sam?

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ill take chrome over anthracite


Leftovers from the CCM days? No one wants to relive those dark days. White is out & so is the cheap looking disco red chrome.

The great teams usually maintain & embrace their traditions & colors.


I, personally, love the red chrome. I do not dig the white bonnets.

We are 2-11 in white helmets since we started wearing them in 2014. I hate the look of the white helmets BTW. Especially with the red uniforms. When we have worn the white helmets with red uniforms, it is the worst look we have ever had IMHO.


The red chrome helmets are extra-nice, IMO. Like them a lot.

BUT…they ought to be reserved for “special” games where something important is on the line…say, if Bama was coming in this week and the SEC West would go to the winner. Or, a Bowl game. Something like that…like Notre Dame used to (still does?) use their green jerseys. I certainly would not classify a 30 point beat-down (as expected this week) as a “qualifying event” to break them out.

Otherwise, our standard “glossy” red helmets are just fine for ALL other uniform options we currently have, thank you very much.

Good point, Wiz.

Jeez, what’s wrong with you people? White Helmet Lives Matter.

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What is the safety concern for using different helmets? I don’t like changing them, but I never thought there was a safety issue–as long as they fit properly. Same with throwback uniforms. As long as they don’t use throwback pads, I can’t imagine why the cloth or the helmet matters. Obviously we wouldn’t want to use a 1960 or 1970 helmet safety design and I know today’s helmets look somewhat different from those of a generation ago for that reason, but other than that, can you explain the safety issue?

White helmets look like Texas (spit) with a Hog pasted on it


You are correct, bluegrass. As I’ve always referred to them (since we unfortunately started using them occasionally about a decade ago)…“Texas wannabe helmets”.

And I DON’T EVER want to be like Texas.

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I despise the white helmets. They literally look like the NFL Cardinals helmet. Or, asWiz says, Texass wanna be.

I don’t love the chrome either. But it is red.

As I have said over and over…we have an iconic helmet. Cherish it.

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The NFL’s change came after a recommendation from its head, neck and spinal doctors. The NCAA has also looked into whether a one-helmet rule is appropriate. This is a story from 2017:

The concerns about switching helmets mostly involve fit. Helmets come in different sizes and are adjusted by equipment staffers to specific players in a few ways, depending on the manufacturer and style. Most Riddell helmets, one of the two most popular brands along with Schutt, use an inflatable bladder system to get just the right fit for safety and comfort. Some helmets have removable padding and others use straps.

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Totally agreement and you are correct they look too Texas (spit) no more white helmets!

I think we should mimic the Bama helmets for the Bama game. Wear crimson helmets with a single white stripe and white numerals on the sides. Might get into their heads and even cause Mac Jones to throw a pic or two.

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