So since we broke out the white helmets for Mizzou

Do we break out the chrome lids for Bama?

I just want them to break the chrome helmets.


I’d rather they break the white ones, frankly. Chrome red is still red.


I guess I don’t really like either one. But they are not doing that to appeal to old guys like me.


I hate the white helmets the chrome Red is still red and they have won me over

Don’t care which helmet, as long as it has a Hog on it, I am all in. Just don’t want our tacklers leading with any off the helmets. But it is more than OK to lead with shoulder pads, didn’t see enough of that yesterday.

I’m an older guy but I like the white helmets with the Red Hog when we on the road, that white helmet from a couple years ago with the outline of the Hog was horrible, hope its gone forever.

I think we ought to go very low key into the Bama game–use traditional gear. How does wearing fancy stuff for this projected loss impress recruits? Wanna impress them? Play well–with tradition.


I don’t think the point is to impress recruits, it’s for a psychological edge for the players we already have,

and that sound you just heard was the goal posts moving!! :laughing:

Fred, did I say anything about recruits in this thread? Or are you trying and failing to read my mind? You’ve been around Ocean Scum way too long,…

I’m all for breaking the white helmets.

I have to pretend I’m not accidentally watching Texas and keep shaking my head.

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true dat

Not you, Jeff. I’m just responding to all those that preached new unis to impress recruits.

Personally, when we face Bama I hope we have tradition face tradition. We have a lot to be proud of with our tradition.

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I’ve said before and I will say it again. We need to burn all the white helmets and never allow another one on campus again. White helmets are worn by Texas and Penn State. White helmets do not represent Arkansas.

Thought we had rid ourselves of those ugly white helmets & donated them to CCM when he departed.

Please go back to the traditional red helmets WITHOUT the chrome.

We lose our identity with all of these ridiculous color & shade changes.

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I can live with the red chrome helmets. Don’t like those we had in the Liberty Bowl against KSU. Do not care for the white helmets. I liked the uniforms we wore all year. Good traditional Razorback uniforms. While I don’t think there’s a causal connection, we played more like Razorbacks of old this year wearing traditional uniforms.

Not since 1951, anyway.

white helmets, kiss of death. the red helmet normally worn should be only helmet they use.

I’m a little surprised teams are able to use multiple helmets still. The NFL has outlawed that over safety concerns. A lot of NFL teams are unable to wear throwback uniforms because of it.