So since I couldn't be in Buffalo tonight (small world dept.)

I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, wearing my Hog basketball shirt of course.

The guy who greeted me at the door says, “Arkansas fan, huh? I went to high school with Au’diese Toney in Fayetteville NC.” Said he was a nice guy and a heckuva high school player.


He got better too. I hope we have him another year.

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We started to do the same last night, but the food/service in our BWW seems to have really gone south. I know, it’s hard to mess up wings, right?

Our Dallas area group congregates at BWW for all watch parties…as we did last night.

And- yes - they (like all restaurants) have struggled to keep staff over the past 2 years. But they have given us good service. But the main thing is that they ALWAYS have Hog games showing if we’re playing, and they appreciate our patronage.

I was finished and gone long before our game time. And given where I live, you will not be surprised to learn that 75% of the TVs were on UNC-Marquette. Gonzaga-Georgia State was also in progress at the time but if it was on any sets I couldn’t find it. There was also a soccer match and golf, but mostly Carolina.

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