So... since Anderson is now coaching at SJU

The question I have is was there a buy-out in his contract, and
do we now save that money.

Just curious how all that ends up.

That’s my understanding…that his hiring means UofA saves the money he would have been owed for firing without cause. Speaking of that, I just thought of something - when Yurachek was hired I seem to remember him saying something to the effect that if a coach is fired for not meeting the standards of success for which he was hired that that in effect represented “cause”. I think that was in response to a question re. CBB’s firing and ungodly severance payout. Does anyone else recall those remarks…and if he really felt that way, he obviously did not (apparently) attempt to apply that standard to CMA.

You are right on both counts.

Yurachek may feel that way but that’s not how the contracts are written, and any coach’s agent worth his salt wouldn’t allow his client to sign one that was written the way HY wants it. Unless it’s also written so that the coach can leave for another job any time he wants with no buyout from the new school. Basically, coaches know they’re hired to be fired, but if you’re gonna fire him, you’re gonna pay for the privilege.

But yes, SJU just saved the Foundation some money. SJU did not release terms of Mike’s deal but it will be applied to the $1 million per year for three years we owe him. So if he’s making more than $1 mill that provision is gone. Chris Mullin was reportedly making $2 million before he left earlier this month.


For now just water under the bridge.

I think he is getting about the same as what he received at Arkansas. Maybe a bit more.

So Anderson is off the payroll

Long is off the payroll

Rumors that Bert has been kicked off the payroll!

Exxxxxxxxxxcellentt! :smiley:

Yurachek did say he felt contracts should read that way. But not he nor any other AD has written one like that.

So who is the next target for message boards? Maybe we are going to have to wait for a while. The AD, football and basketball coaches are all enjoying honeymoons.

Yea the weddings are always beautiful it’s the marriages that turn out ugly…

That is a good one, Arkansas…they turn ugly about 50% of the time. :lol:

I’ve never seen or really had any interest in seeing the language in a coaches contract before, but do you know if the clause that addresses “without cause” is specific in what an AD can consider cause?

Another year close to last year and Morris will start feeling heat. I base that on the level of unrest and 2d guessing that was expressed here during his inaugural season. Here’s hoping his coaching success keeps pace with his recruiting…thus far!

That is because an AD would want the contract that way, but no coach that has options is going to agree to that clause. There are not many one sided contracts.