So RD? long ago it was mostly PT available

but now Brian Kelly bought his new house to host recruits on campus??? is that real? needed or just a sign of dedication to recruiting?

" Head coach Brian Kelly recently purchased a house so close to LSU’s campus that the staff can host recruits at his home. That was a key part in the housing search, which he was pleased with, he told reporters on Thursday after practice.

“It’s beautiful. There were a lot of things that went into that. We wanted proximity. It’s less than a mile from campus, which allows us to entertain unofficial visitors,” Kelly said in his post practice press conference. “That was huge for us because we want to use it as a place to entertain. That was important. We wanted to be close. I think that those were probably the two main factors.”

and there is a method to the madness

" An NCAA rule enacted over the last decade allows for coaches to host prospects on unofficial visits within a mile from the campus at a home or restaurant. Unofficial visitors pay their own way. Prospects on official visits have their travel and meals as well as that of their parents paid for by the school. Official visitors can be hosted by coaches within 30 miles of campus. Unofficial visitors cannot be hosted by coaches unless it is within a mile. Prospects are allowed only one official visit with an unlimited number of unofficial visits."

Brian Kelly is more clever than suspected after his first presser

If the coach feeds them at his home do the “unofficial” visitors pay for the food?

Arkansas does that with restaurants. You often see the coaches and recruits in all sports at JJs on Dickson.

Would have to double check but I would think they would have to pay market valve like they do on campus. Doubt the NCAA would make a loop hole for this.

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Like coaches buying chips and dip for unofficial visitors at LSU is their biggest problem….


What if it’s steak and lobster and other schools are feeding kids on a 15 dollar per person budget so they make it reasonably priced for families.

LSU would never skirt the rules…… :joy: :joy:

So this is Kelly’s actual house or a house only for entertaining recruits? Remember when Harbaugh got creative and started having his spring practice and spring game in Rome? I was at a New Jersey airport waiting for our flight to Rome and about fifty big college guys, some of their coaches, AND the coaches families all showed up to catch our same flight. They were all wearing Michigan fancy sweat suits. The rest of the team was on another flight. They told us all about the stuff they were going to get to do before and after their spring break week of practices in Rome. I think they closed that loophole. I wonder if this will be closed later too?

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