So proud

I said we needed a lead with 3 minutes left. We had one. Gave it up though.
Then we came through.

This was a game we needed. Wish it was two months ago and Nick was this healthy.

But it is what it is. Maybe we can get on a roll. I want to WIN THE SEC TOURNEY.

That said, the more we win, the better our seeding in the Big Dance. If we can win two more a 7 seed is not out of reach.

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Iowa and Illinois lost today, and Northwestern lost yesterday. All above us on the Bracket Matrix. Might help, might not, but it opens the door a crack.

This may prove huge in our very near future.

We squandered yet another big lead … but this time we found a way to win.

Now we know we can do it! :+1:

So great to see us on track to get 35th tourney bid as program. Nice to see us back in win column

It resulted in a win! The fashion in which it played out was more ugly. The sloppy turnovers are a problem! It too late in the year for our hogs to change they are who they are. They can throw up a lead like it’s nothing. They were better at the free throw line and that was a sight for sore eyes.
Maybe they can hang on Tomorrow and beat A&M. They will have to take better care of the ball.

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The game we beat TAM we had 17 Tos were out rebounded and they had 20 more fg attempts than us. They also were way better from the FT line. We were basically beat in every category. Yet we won. It’s not always about a particular stat. We won that game because of our defense and nothing else.

The game we lost? Our defense was better than the game we won, but there’s was spectacular.

I think if we score 70 pts tomorrow we win. I don’t care how we get there. But if we get there we win.