So proud of this team

What a run! Thank you to Coach Muss and staff and players for making Razorback basketball relevant and fun again!

We lost to a great team. By far the best team we faced all year and the only team, in my opinion, that could beat Gonzaga and win it all.

We will grow and learn from getting this close and will be back. Excited to see the continued progression of Devo and Jaylin and others under Muss. The future is bright and next year is going to be another fun ride!


You have to tip your hat to the other team as they are good to be in game too. If Baylor and Gonzaga meet in the final game , we will have a no loss and two loss team playing. Pretty remarkable in Covid world to have that level of accomplishment meet.

Take away from watching this tournament: Cannot have enough guards who can make plays, defense can win games and carry a team when offense if missing, free throws matter, older teams and experience is a big plus, and bad fouls are always costly. Gotta play to realize this and the feelings that wins and losses bring. Great year to build on for the future.

I will say that officials did a good job overall as well. TV timeouts can help and hurt more than we think at times.

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