So playing 52

card pick up. That is 115 or whatever the number is. Have we helped our self or are the holes to big to fill THIS year.

Next question are we about average or scape goat for Arkansas or are we way ahead of most teams on flipping?

QUESTION- so did Randy R just not like the coaches, thought the schemes we High School stuff, personality clash? Is he from Arkansas? SO WHAT is the problem??
What is RR Problem???

So what do the issue, problem, players do to cause problems.

Not try hard, Cuss behind CCM back. What abou CBB? Did he have abything to cause or start this?

DID HE MISS TACKLES on purpose? Opps I missed that guy , O’well??

Talk to other players to spread the fungus??

This is all I know (which is not much). Ramsey had academic issues resulting in CBB suspending him for one semester. He came back as a walk on (the best of my memory) and earned a scholly in 2016. He was touted as a talent but never lived up to it for any extended period of time with CBB or CCM. Randy had a great coach this year (Steve Caldwell) so it can’t be blamed on coaching.

Then the tweet. Sour grapes (IMO) from a guy who never lived up to his potential/expectations. May have been one of the cancers on the team (speculation).

Nance was another - in CBB last year I watched him several times quit on plays. One was an interception where he made zero attempt to tackle the DB. None, the guy ran right by him and he stood there. I knew then he was not what we needed. The coaches did not pull him nor appear to get on him on the sidelines. It was horrible.

I didn’t know what to make of Ramsey’s comments. John Nabors had a podcast where he discussed the comment and others. A later Ramsey comment alluded to the change in culture from "uncommon’ to “hammer down” and said a team can’t make that adjustment in one year.

The first comments said that talent wasn’t the issue. Put together, it was all a muddle. He stated that going back to the 4-3 was one reason he wasn’t as effective.

Probably, there is some validity to both points concerning talent and coaching. I have seen most, if not all, the various players comments. I haven’t seen any that mention the lack of effort and heart that was obvious on some players. I can see standing up for your team, your family, against the outside, vocal fans. But somewhere, there has to be some recognition that some of their teammates didn’t buy in, didn’t give their best, flat gave up, and this contributed to the terrible season.

Regardless of coaching changes, there were DB’s that just flat got caught flat footed, safeties that didn’t wrap up and got run over and around, D-lineman who could not beat a block, O-lineman who couldn’t run block or pass block who wouldn’t help the QB up when he got flattened. I don’t care if you don’t like your new coach. Do you just go through the motions and get your ass beaten week after week?

Ramsey says that if fans could have seen the practices and locker rooms, they would understand. I don’t think I would understand. I sure don’t understand now. If there’s something that would explain it to me, I wish he would just flat out say it rather than say LOL and have a rolling eyes emoji.

Sounds like one excuse after another.
That last statement “if the fans could see the locker room & practices they would understand”. He was a Senior, and those locker rooms & practices need that upperclassmen leadership. Learning new systems should not affect leadership from the Sr’s, in fact it should enhance it to keep everyone focused. Especially from him, someone who fought thru his own personal issues to get back on track with help from the HC & his Mom.
I wish Skipper could have been around this year, I have heard he was a pretty a good leader his last couple of years. At his size I understand.

I know Tyler Wilson was not shy about telling what he thought & saw of players giving up during that John L Smith debacle. Not sure it changed some attitudes, they knew it was a one year deal anyway.

IMO Ramsey is a guy that didn’t have the size or speed to be elite pass rusher,He looked good sometimes in practice but that was against OUR OL who was so slow it made him looked fast but against true SEC OT he rarely could get off the block…just a guy who had some potential but never was going to be special.

Randy missed all of camp and the first two weeks of the season because of a pulled hamstring. That put him behind the eight ball from the start. I think the hamstring injury took away his speed and quickness. And I never really saw it come back. I do not know many players who can miss eight weeks of practice to start the season and be effective. I saw the same thing take Tenarius Wright from an SEC end to a non factor. You just need to practice and be in tune with everything as far as seeing it on a daily basis. And, it was a new system and new coach for him, like everyone else.