So players reported to campus June 8

today is june 10. any news? any insight as to what is going on? Who’s in shape? who’s got a belly like me? are players doing group workouts on their own?


No info out yet. Maybe today. Don’t think be any fat boys.

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Rakeem Boyd just told me he’s proud of the way guys came back in shape. Everyone has been busting their tails, he said. He added that he came back in great shape, so the workouts haven’t been too tough on him so far.

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I’ve had the pleasure of visiting with Raheem Boyd and Dorian Gerald. Both were very impressive. Met them over a year ago at CJ’s Butcher Boy hamburgers. They were all yes sir and no sir. Much respect for their elders.

I just visited with Trey Knox and he said he’s handled the workouts without issues. Many players have found ways to work out together over the last few weeks. Trey has spent time in Little Rock working out with teammates. They were able to go through the conditioning without issues. He expects it get tougher soon, but so far no issues.


Reminds of me of the old days when the players conditioning upon reporting was based upon how fast they ran the mile.


Guy, what do you consider the old days?

Another tidbit: All of Arkansas’ offensive linemen weighed in over 300 pounds Monday.

wow, that’s a welcome change. we were so pitiful the past couple years.

One of the first snaps of the Auburn game last year, UA on about our own 20, south side so right in front of us, #5 for Auburn fires off the ball and knocked our LT into the backfield, so far that his butt almost tackled Boyd. Ugh

Really looking forward to us being a solid team, I would just love to win 5-6 and not be the clown show we have been the past 2 years.

But, either way, I’ll be there with my hog face mask on, yelling my fool head off, lol


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All of the linemen over 300 lbs is the best news so far. We know their technique is going to improve, but, even the ones with decent technique got manhandled at times last year. I’m glad they put the hammers down and picked up the forks.

Montaric Brown says his body has changed a lot since the new strength staff arrived. He added about 8 pounds in winter conditioning and is at 195 right now. Feels a good deal stronger. He worked out with Joe Foucha, LaDarrius Bishop, Myles Mason and some others during the break.

He is also coming back from a sports hernia and is feeling almost back to 100 percent after surgery early in the year. He feels like he has a lot to prove this upcoming season.

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Just spoke to a very good source within the program and the coaches are very pleased with the players and their conditioning. It appears they pretty much stayed in shape during the break.

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Great news Richard! Shows they care. I didn’t see the energy with B.B. there

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