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Three of tomorrow’s AP preseason basketball ballots have been made public. 1 has AR as #7, one has us at #15, the third doesn’t have us ranked. When asked, the person that left us off said because he knows we have talent, but he has to see us play first

Preposterous to not have us ranked, but hey, that’s cool. Muss just went to back to back Elite 8’s with no Mickey D’s AA’s. Now, he has 3…with more in the pipeline. I saw, legit, AT LEAST, 3 lottery picks today. Sleep on Muss at your own peril, but there aren’t 5 teams in this country with more talent than we have on The Hill right now.


Who cares what anybody thinks? We’re loaded and ready to roll!!


Who are the three lottery picks? And are you basing that only on what you saw today? I didn’t see the game but I saw the box score

Right now, Smith, Black, and Brazile. Could be more. We are loaded.

I’m basing that on seeing players doing things in a Hog uni that I haven’t seen in almost 30 years.

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So I suppose he has been leaving Kentucky off all these years they had new talent


Is the ranking - who is the best right now or who will finish where after the ncaa tournament? Zero doubt we will improve dramatically during the year, and very surprised if we aren’t top 8 again at least at the end. With almost a whole new team, may have some ugly games early. This should be a very memorable year. Amazing talent.


I can’t say why, but I have an uneasy feeling about this years bball team. My gut keeps telling me this team is not gonna live up to expectations. I hope my gut is wrong. Muss has been exceptional in building a team made for March. That is why I keep me telling my gut to shut up and enjoy the ride.

I think it’s just rare air that we have so much talent. It’s like UK, Duke, UNC, Kansas…they always have talent. But someone almost always underachieves, let’s hope Muss can get the team to gel and play great defense like we’ve seen the last couple years. I do believe we will not be pushed around under the rim this year. We have frontcourt depth and some very very talented guards/forwards

I expect us to struggle some early as the teams top 8-9 players figure out how to gel and play off each other… plus the early schedule at Maui is brutal for a young team. We will be a beast on D this year and running! Muss will have them peaking by February at the latest. Who cares what these folks think right now…be ranked high at the end of this year!


We’ll Jeremy posted he saw players doing things out on the court yesterday that he hadn’t seen in 30 years so……:sunglasses:


And I did. Nick, AB, Brazile, and Council are just 4 that immediately come to mind. We haven’t had players like this in a very long time. Seeing them in person was amazing. I really do think Nick could be the next Kobe, and Brazile looks like a Gafford/ Portis hybrid. Nobody else in the country has anyone like AB. I could go on and on. Absolute oozing athleticism. Even Pinion looks cut.


There is a difference between top 10 talent and a top 10 team. I’m interested to see what they do in Maui. It will reveal a lot. I really have no clue what December will bring. The coach is really talented so that gives me some confidence on how things will go but it takes time with so many new to the system.


I am a little uneasy too. I feel we should be excellent on the defensive end, but am concerned that the three ball may be a weaknesss. None the less this is the most talent ever.

I fully expect us to struggle at times until conference season comes around. Find a rotation he likes, who he can depend on, who shines when the lights come on, etc. I think it will take some time w all the new faces.

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I don’t think it’s so much the talent as it is who learns the system, specifically the defensive rules. It isn’t about playing hard. It is knowing exactly how to guard and play the different concepts.

What I know about their system that is beautiful is the way they provide help defense without giving up back doors. I don’t know that any coach teaches it as well across the country. It is complex.

The better the athlete, the more effective it is. But a good athlete playing it wrong is the same as me playing it wrong. The result is easy baskets or open threes.

I don’t know which is worse, a team that can’t make threes or a team that gives up threes. Obviously you could be both and it becomes ugly.


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