so once again I ask about DC ..

if Chavis has had his last game and said goodbye to his players, then what is to keep him or the UoA from announcing his hire at Arkansas?

Must not be coming. Others have said it’s a done deal. If so, why not announce. I just read the Mincy article and am scared the guy might drift off due to the unknown at Hogland.

Don’t know if true ,I read where Chavis’ contract runs out tonight and the buyout would be less starting tomorrow.

His Contract expires dec 31
That’s probably this issue if it indeed Chavis

Still think Chavis is the lead candidate.

His contract expires Dec. 31, 2018. The original contract expired today, but he signed a one-year extension earlier this year.

If A&M let him go we wouldn’t owe them money, right?

Read caldwell is suppose to be announce on the 4th