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Never heard of first station mentioned in the article above. Then Wednesday on cox which we don’t have in central Arkansas. And by the way whole hog sports, the Amazon ad comes up so much only when you click on the picture articles at top of page you can’t even read the article. More than frustrating. Getting annoying. I couldn’t even read one article because it came up time and time again. I give up. If your not going to fix it the write the article in a thread do we can read

Unless you’re a soccer fan like me, I wouldn’t expect you to have heard of beIN Sports.

At one point beIN was carried by Comcast nationwide, which includes Little Rock. But I don’t see it on the LR channel list.

Once again, we don’t control who carries road games. Home schools and their conferences have their own deals, and SEC Network is not going to carry a nonconference game from the other team’s city, in any sport. Big Ten Network wouldn’t carry it if Ohio State came to Baum, and SECN wouldn’t carry it if we went to Columbus. Same deal here.

Bill, it’s a complicated problem that is affecting just about every website on the internet; others users have said it happens to them on ESPN and CBS. It’s something we’re working on. It would help if you copy the link the popup takes you to. If we have those links we can begin to block them. That will begin to curtail the problem.

Ironically, the SEC Network is headquartered in Charlotte, about 15 miles from the ballpark.

Yep. Pat Bradley and Clint Stoerner are getting very familiar with the Charlotte airport, I would think.

Game shows on the guide for Directv on channel 620. Not sure what channel package you need.


Game shows on the guide for Directv on channel 620. Not sure what channel package you need.

[/quote]It is on 620 on DirecTV. That channel is part of the DirecTV Sports Pack.

It appears there are a few of ways to stream the Charlotte game(s). All will/might cost you.

There is a link on the BeIN website that requires you to login with your provider. This probably won’t work unless you have BeIN as part of your cable or satellite package:

Sling TV provides BeIN as an add-on sports package.

The game is being streamed on the Conference USA website like the Louisiana Tech series was last year. I’m unsure if this stream is available for both games or just tomorrow: … =charlotte

Here is a link that shows where the BeIN channel is available. … l-listings

408 is sec network on my dish here in fort smith Ar

Not sure about the other providers, but this list is wrong for Cox and for Comcast, at least in Central Arkansas. I finally found beIN on the Comcast-LR list at channel 268.

Anyway, this is all moot now since the game was rained out. Tomorrow is on CST, which we know isn’t on Comcast or any satellite provider.